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Brook Laboon by Coconut-CocaCola
Nine Tailed Fox by Coconut-CocaCola
Princess Mononoke Tattoo by Coconut-CocaCola
Peony Chrysanthemum Tattoo by Coconut-CocaCola
Black and Gray
Tattoo Hairdresser' s tool by Coconut-CocaCola
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention awards by danktat
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2015 by danktat
Day of the Dead Sleeve sitting 3 by danktat
Black Work Tattoos

Mature Content

Henna style pelvic tattoo by danktat
Sleeve of Asanoha tattoo by Meatshop-Tattoo
The Dancing Lord Shiva tattoo by Meatshop-Tattoo
Fire and Heart tattoo in full by Meatshop-Tattoo
Tattoo old school roses by Coconut-CocaCola
Feb-2015 / Cartoon biplane with roses by xandervoron
Traditional owl tattoo on hand by danktat
Traditional H.E.L.P.eR. Tattoo by Sirius-Tattoo
Neo Traditional
paws up tattoo by mojoncio
Bear Skull and Antlers by ElliAdams
heart locker tattoo by mojoncio
Bianca's Gypsy by MyHedHertz
New School
Pearl Diver by KevinHarden
Anchor new school tattoo by Willx03
New School Skull by Willx03
sacred heart by eminimal
Jade's back 10th and final sitting by danktat
Dragon in progress by TimOrth

Mature Content

With the Tide by TimOrth
In progress by TimOrth
Color Realism
Tattoo Hibiscus by Coconut-CocaCola
Tattoo Roses Lace by Coconut-CocaCola
Tattoo Blue Jay by Coconut-CocaCola
Tattoo Butterfly by Coconut-CocaCola
Illustrative Tattoos
Lilies for Lilian by mattynox
Owl face tattoo used as space filler for sleeve by danktat
Award Winning Rose Filigree Head Tattoo by danktat
Owl Tattoo by xxnefariousxx
sacred geo tattoo by E-NigmaDesign
mandala2 by Karviniya
mini by Karviniya
Geometric tattoo - Jay Freestyle 3 by JayFreestyle
Tattoo Flash
Demon monkey by Coconut-CocaCola
WIP and sketches
Illusion of freedom WIP by Anna-Marine
Other Artwork
pin up by Inkstruktor

Mature Content

magazine feature on this tattoo by danktat
Collector Photos

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Rita Hayworth tattoo by Remistattoo Rita Hayworth tattoo :iconremistattoo:Remistattoo 182 40 Gypsy Rose by TimOrth Gypsy Rose :icontimorth:TimOrth 161 34 cat tattoo by NikaSamarina cat tattoo :iconnikasamarina:NikaSamarina 71 5 blue rose watercolor by dopeindulgence blue rose watercolor :icondopeindulgence:dopeindulgence 468 14 crow by yadou crow :iconyadou:yadou 159 4 wolf by yadou wolf :iconyadou:yadou 567 11 Wild one by yadou Wild one :iconyadou:yadou 138 4 H by TimurKhabirov H :icontimurkhabirov:TimurKhabirov 157 6 Heart by Olggah Heart :iconolggah:Olggah 121 6 sleeping dog tattoo by NikaSamarina sleeping dog tattoo :iconnikasamarina:NikaSamarina 810 63

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I wanted to create a group for tattoo artists, enthusiasts and aspiring artists to join together. What I would like to see is originality, creativity, enthusiasm, kindness and humility. I would love to see artwork for critique, people giving helpful pointers, constructive criticism and praise.

Our Gallery:
Featured- the best tattoos get highlighted in the feature folder by admin
Black and Gray- realism, portraits, etc.
Blackwork- all black ink, linework, dotwork, etc.
New School
Color Realism
Geometric- sacred geometry, mandalas, etc.
Illustrative Tattoos- custom tattoos that don't quite fit in the other categories
Tattoo Flash - tattoo designs
Other Artwork - other art including drawings, paintings, digital art, not necessarily tattoo design
WIP and sketches - works in progress
Critiques- submit to this folder if you would like to receive constructive criticism on a piece.
Photography - professional photos, models, studios, reference photos etc. submitted by the photographer
Collector photos - submit your tattoo and give credit to your artist

Rude comments will be deleted, but don't take constructive criticism personally.

What is NOT allowed:
- tattoos done at home, by non-professionals. no exceptions. If you want to be a tattoo artist you need to learn the right way from a professional in a shop.
-Work that does not belong to you.
-submitting sketches to the tattoo folders. sumbit to the sketches folder, tattoo flash or other artwork

**All artwork submitted is owned by the original artist. If you take someones tattoo photo and get it tattooed exactly then you are stealing from both the artist and the client who originally got the tattoo. If you see a design you like, ask the original artist about it. They may give you permission to use it or be open to a commissioned design. They also have the right to say no, please be respectful, sometimes artists post designs that are made for a specific client.

In 1768, captain Cook came back from Oceania with a crew covered in tattoos as souvenir from their expedition. Tattooing was then reintroduced in the occidental world after having been banished for many centuries by the Catholic Church. However, the history of tattooing doesn't stop there. The oldest mummy in the world is covered of such marks and it isn't the only one.


   A bronze age man died five thousand years ago and his corpse was imprisoned into the ice of the mountains separating Austria and Italy. We found more than 50 tattoos over his body which consisted mainly of lines and crosses. Those marks have been made by scrubbing charcoal into fine wounds. The reason behind those tattoos was probably therapeutic, since their locations correspond with parts of the body touched by arthritis.


   Amunet was an egyptian priestess of the goddess Hathor in Thebes and was probably a concubine of king Mentuhotep II. She lived during the ninth dynasty (around 2150-1990 BC) and her body was covered of tattoos resembling those on  brides of the dead (little figurines placed in tombs of male mummies). The most particular ones were located on the bottom of her belly and were accompanied by scarifications. Those marks were probably related to an idea of fertility and were found on many mummies of dancers. Also, here are some interesting facts:

   Of every egyptian mummy found to this day, only those of womens were tattooed.

   The first figurative tattoo that was made represented Bes, the god of revelry and master of ceremonies at orgies.

Pazyryk Chief

   In the Altai Mountains of Siberia, close to the borders of Mongolia and China, was found a tomb of a nomad chief of horsemen that lived around 500 BC. Rain flooded in the tomb shortly after the burial and by freezing, it preserved the chief's tattooed skin. Animals (mythical and real) were the main subjects of his tattoos. We think that those were made by the insertion of little needles also used for broidery. But the most surprising are the little circles on his back that coincide with the linear markings on Otzi's  back. The tattoos correspond to acupuncture marks, which was said to have originated in China two thousand years ago…

Other tattooed mummies have been found around the world such as in Libya and Peru proving that tattooing have a far more complex history than what we are usually led to believe.
Thank you to everyone who has joined! We are getting a great group of artists together. Some of you were sent contributor invites before I really knew what that meant - doh! If anyone just wants to be a member let me know and I'll change it. vice versa as well if anyone wants to be an administrator I will gladly accept the help. thank you!
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Halasaar01 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Student Artist
Thanks for letting me through the approval stage thanks!!
danktat Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014  Professional Artist
Not sure if you are aware that there is no option to submit work in the "Japanese" folder the way that there is in the other ones.
robinelizabethart Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
thanks! should be fixed now, let me know if you run into any other problems :-)
danktat Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Professional Artist
I love the fact that a group has popped up that is "anit-scratcher". And though there is a large portion of society that believes that there is nothing wrong with the "at home" tattooist, I feel it is the job of the professional not to just draw on people, but to educate the public as well.
robinelizabethart Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
sadly, I think a lot of people just don't know any better. If it weren't for the risk of disease and illness, I would care less what someone did in their own home. There also seems to be a lot of people who just want a cheap/free tattoo and don't even realize that the work is sloppy and it will heal like shit.
danktat Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Professional Artist
What may be a good idea is to add an "apprentice" gallery. So that those who are new to tattooing, but are doing it legitimately can display where they are in their training and, over time, will allow people (And themselves) to see the progress that they have made.

Just a thought.
danktat Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Professional Artist
Thanks for requesting the use of the solar system back piece and the owl tattoos....feel free to browse the rest of the gallery and use whatever else you like :)
robinelizabethart Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
awesome thank you! glad to have you :-)
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