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Lostara Yil

This is Lostara Yil, Shadow Dancer, Red Blade and aide to the Adjunct Tavore.

From Steven Erikson's Malazan Book fo the Fallen, what else? :P

Hope you like her!

Time spent: Roughly 5 hours (which I should've spent reading for my exams...oh well!)

Medium used: Photoshop

Non-DA related references used.
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I've never imagined her quite so 'thick.' She was a shadowdancer and they were chosen for grace and suppleness of movement. Mayhaps I'm mistaken. But then lots of SE's character appearances are really 'in the air' sorta. hehe
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This painting depicts how I imagine her now, after having been a Red Blade for a while, battle-hardened and tough. Her grace and suppleness is still there, only more subtle :P

And yeah, you're right about that!
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Just gorgeous! You've obviously put a lot of effort into this portrait. The lighting, her expression and bone structure are really impressive. I'd like to see a little more detail in her hair just to finish it off but sometimes enough is enough, I realise. I think this one is worth framing for the bedroom wall.

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Wow, you've really been on a commenting spree:D I like it! It's good to have you back:)

Thank you! :hug:

I'm really happy with this one, think it turned out pretty good. I just hope my next one will meet the new standard I've set for myself:D
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lol I really have. I was just struck by this sudden energy to plow through my deviation stacks and share the love. You've been on my watch list for years too so I definitely wanted to tackle yours. :D At any rate, you're welcome! :heart:
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that expression and those eyes are very powerfull!
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I'm glad you think so. I really put a lot of effort into them:)
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that explains the amazing result!
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awesome :). The eyes are really good and also great nose and chin. :)

only the ear is a bit weird.
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Thank you! I appreciate that :)

Yeah, I was hoping no one would notice...didn't see it until I had already posted the picture:P

I shall fix it!
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Beautiful eyes... But hasn't she got blue eyes? I don't remember exactly...
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I'm not sure, actually. But I always paint blue eyes with dark skin, so I decided to try something else:)
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