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Awakening the Whirlwind

A commission for a fellow Malazanite.

Has taken a lot of hours, a lot of back and forth, a lot of references, but it's finally done!

This is a scene from Steven Erikson's Deadhouse Gates. Sha'ik the Seeress, surrounded by her two bodyguards, Leoman of the Flails and Toblakai is about to open the book of Dhryjna and awaken the Whirlwind.


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Awesome work!
Tattersail's avatar
Thanks, man...I think this is one of my favourite pieces :D
God! That looks gr8! Absolutely stunning!I just love how that cloudy bloodred looking cloak is blowing in the wind!
Tattersail's avatar
Thanks, bro:)

yeah, worked a lot on that thing, think it turned out pretty cool:P
slaine69's avatar
Really nice man, the pic has got a really consistent pallet that pulls the picture together, also those maces, I...I just....can't.......expresshowawesomethatis!
Tattersail's avatar
Thank you, I'm very pleased with it myself. It originally had a totally different colour-scheme, but then I saw a painting by :iconnavate: and decided to change it all up:P

Yeah, those maces..Inspired by Sauron, built to crush skulls! :D
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Nice =) Got no clue what the "Deadhouse Gates" is, but the picture sure looks awesome anyhow =D Kinda reminds me of Tales of Phantasia <_<
Tattersail's avatar
It's the second book in Steven Erikson's fantasy series,The Malazan Book of the is epic stuff! :D

Thank you, and thanks a million for the fave! :)
TarienCole's avatar
Very nice. Leoman even looks jaded, to me. :)
Tattersail's avatar
Thank you, that's what I was going for:)

and thanks a million for the fave!
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BrrrGrrr's avatar
wow that must have taken you a lot of time like you said! O_o
Tattersail's avatar
Indeed it did! Especially when I had to discuss all changes with the client. It was fun, but very time-consuming;)
BrrrGrrr's avatar
I really like her hair and that red bloodlike cloak btw
Tattersail's avatar
yeah, I'm really happy with those too...The cloak was an effort to introduce some symbolism into the painting, a sort of foreshadowing of what's to come:)
BrrrGrrr's avatar
and not only for that story...
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