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Six's First Breeding


I've done it. Finally. After weeks of organising, saving up MP and asking countless (probably highly annoying) questions to the Wilty gurus.

Six is gonna be a mom :la:

I'm going to get around to updating her age on her ref, so that she's 3 when the litter are born. The theme is all worked out and I know how many puppies are coming because I'm a control freak XD

Right, the info:

1. Sire.
I used an Imaginary Friend in the Wilty MP shop. Both because I wanted full control over her first litter, and because I was aiming for a specific colour and had no idea if it even existed in the game.
Friendy is now officially some random dog called 'Otto'. Don't ask. I don't know. My mind is a strange place.

(is it just me, or does he look really happy to be bringing her gifts and Six is just 'do I have to? Can't we go home?')

2. Puppies.
Theme decided. Number set.
I don't know how many I'll want to keep so I have no plans for what happens to them yet.
I'm going to design them and then see. By the time the litter sheet is up, I'll know what's going on and all the info will be on there, so just keep an eye out.
I am not taking reservations for any of them right now.
Sorry to be entirely unhelpful with this, but I'm a real N00b so I'm taking it a step at a time.

3. If you have other questions, or if I've not covered something that is usually covered - please ask or tell me :)


A story may be forthcoming, but my muse is still annoyingly and resolutely stuck on Gilmore Girls right now. Just assume Piper, Edana, Ethan and Soraya are all thrilled and doting on Six as she gets ever bigger and starts nesting :D


Artwise, I drew this a couple of weeks ago, honestly. Its been a sitting duck while I work out what colour I actually wanted the sire to be and finalised all my other perfectionist insanity decisions. Its all airbrush painted, pretty quickly, and largely because I found two lovely photos as references that just spoke to me.


So...fingers crossed :D

Francis the Snow Dog
Rotti Dog Stock 005 @essenceofperfection
Otto doesn't exist.
Six belongs to me.
Do not take, copy, edit, redistribute or manipulte.
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So cute! Good job on the anatomy :)
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Yay you decided! Love the male 'I haz brought you stick, be my friend?' Haha maybe not but that's how I interpret it. Six definitely looks unimpressed. I'm interested to see the personalities of the puppies, considering Six's personalty and the mysterious Otto whose personality is unknown (That is if you're going to do personalities since I know some people don't.) I've recently started going off the parents rather than just making them random.   
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
I did, I did :la:

Haha, no that is totally what I got out of it. He's so happy and proud and Six is just 'mooooom. Must I?' Bless her, she's hard to impress :D Much happier cuddling with Piper and a bowl of popcorn than playing with strange doggies :p

As for personalities...I've got an idea in mind but I can't tell you anything or it will give away the theme. I may go with it, I may not because sometimes I don't like litters that have personalities all formed for you. Basically, I'm undecided, but there's an idea being volleyed around :D (I've never done a litter before, but generally I would never be inclined to make the personalities random; I'd want them to have pieces of the parents in there. And ultimately, what you see in a puppy at 8 weeks when you sell it is nothing; they have an entire lifetime in a totally different environment to grow and change anyway).
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Tell me about it, when I picked my dog out of the puppies that were left in her litter, I wanted to know which puppy was the calmest out of the three. They all seemed to be pretty much the same to me, maybe they were I went off the owners who said Sadie was the calmest. She was calm for about a week after I had her and I think it was her just adjusting. She is the craziest, most energetic dog I've ever met. When she gets excited she runs around, jumping over things (other dogs if there are any around) doing flips in the air, having no coordination at all so just flying into things. I mean the people I got her from weren't actually breeders, they live one street from me and had a accidental litter so maybe they didn't know what they were talking about, but I've always wondered if Sadie was the calmest in her litter, what the heck were the other puppies like?  

You could just do like a base personality not something super long and let people know that they can change their pups personalities as they age. Just an idea cause your right, it's impossible to tell what puppies will be like from 8 weeks.   
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I know the feeling! The first time I visited Azza she was 6 weeks old and played a little, snuggled with her mom and then fell asleep in my lap. I went back next week and she fell asleep again. The week after when I took her home, she howled for 15 minutes and then went out like a light. As she got older, she did a whole lot more rushing around like a fruitcake than snoozing or being calm XD To be fair, she'll still fall asleep on my lap, as she did today (even if she's too big now) but she's far more lively than her 8-week-old self :D (but then, her breed would have been a giveaway :D)

Anywhos: The personalities wouldn't be super long, fully formed if I decide to do them at all. Just a few, key things. But again; not saying anything until they're posted :D
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No worries, no pressure here, I will wait patiently like everyone else :) 

What kind of dog is Azza? 
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
Haha, you might be patient - I'm going loony waiting XD

Azza is a Dalmatian :D That was the one breed I always wanted - from the age of 7. Took years but I got her in 2014 on V day ^^
French-Touch-Kennel's avatar
Your descriptions are really so funny to read, I think the first thing I do when you submit something is reading your notes before seeing the drawing XD
But I love the male's color and Six' expression is soooo cute :heart:
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
Do you really? Haha, it honestly makes my day to hear you read my crazy rambling first :D (I really think I get more mental in writing when I'm tired, high on sugar or just rushing XD) Thank you; I'm genuinely so glad you have fun reading the descriptions!

And thank you - Gah, I have such a love for the Orange wilties :D And lol, Six doesn't look hugely impressed. I'm still learning when it comes to expressions, so great to hear you like it! Thank you for the lovely comment ^^
French-Touch-Kennel's avatar
Aha I think I do because I'm just the same ! English isn't my native language so I fear my mistakes and don't write much, but oh, you can't even imagine the crap I could write - espacially when my internet is slow and I don't know what to do with my life :lol: Plus I love the way you play in DARPG, that seems so real, I used to role-play a lot but it's difficult to be the same when you don't know how to spell things !

And yes I love the idea of the male bringing her gifts, it's just so cute, like a "hey gurlie, play with meeeh~" and she's like "gah, boys. I don't have time for that"
Anyways have fun for designing her litter ! Can't wait to see the pups :heart:
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There are a lot of players in DARPG, and HARPG, who don't have English as a first language. You could always just have fun writing in your native language - you never know if someone else out there speaks it and may like seeing the stories. But writing them in English is a great way to get better grips with it. Honestly, you write it very well now, and it is a notoriously difficult one to grasp. Stories just bring in other characters and descriptions, but you may find it fun :) Anyway; I'll shut up on that now. Whatever you decide to do is right for you :)

And do you mean the way I specifically play DARPG? Or how the game works in general? If its me, That really is just one of my quirks. I started out in HARPG with horses, and since I've worked with them in real life for years, I wanted to run a pixel stable as realistically as possible. When I finally got a kennel, I just went the same way. I like realism in art and stories, and I like focusing on the little, daily life things.

Haha, yeah - Six isn't easily impressed by sticks XD Thanks so much - looking forward to sharing them when they're confirmed :D
French-Touch-Kennel's avatar
You are absolutely right ! I just need someone to tell me what/where are my mistakes, because rambling in english won't really help me to "evolve" (ok i'm a pokemon now you know it)
And yes I was talking about your own way of playing DARPG ! I don't know it's kinda cute, I miss the old times when I never had too many toy horses and dogs and had a little stable, making stories and remembering their names after many years... Aaah I don't want to adult pls give me a refund D:
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DA is more art based, so people don't always offer advice on literature, but there is definitely a community for it. If you state clearly when you post that you're learning to write stories in English and appreciate feedback or advice, some people will be more than happy to help. I think many are just careful because constructive critisism isn't always wanted. But yeah; once you get into the swing of it and start learning, you'll only improve :)

And thank you! Mosswood is still really small at the moment, and it has more of a backstory (somewhat sad, but definitely has one). Lakewood, which I've had since 2011 is more lighthearted. Still mental characters, but not so much history. And now I have a lot, lot of horses. Sadly, I adore each one of them and trying to sell any makes me sad, so its just continually growing XD But Lakewood is my happy place, so I let it do as it wants, mainly :D (and I'm well aware I talk about my characters and worlds in a strange way :p)

Lol, good luck with that refund - adulthood is coming, want it or not. but there's a great saying - "Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional" ;)
French-Touch-Kennel's avatar
That's a good idea ! Maybe when I'll feel more confident I'll try to write little stories, and ask people to help me with my few mistakes ! But not now, I didn't gasp all the rules on DARPG, let's try to learn one thing at a time !

And I love how you talk of your worlds, as I said I did a lot of role play and I really know how you can create a character from nothing, and slowly they grow away from you, they have their own existence, and you don't have to think 'what will they say/do ?" it comes naturally. One of my characters, a young adult (the purest anti-hero you could imagine) was for some months a real addiction, I couldn't stand not playing him for a day or two, it was so.. Powerful ? That's the beauty in role play, creating things that comes alive in their own ways :heart:
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Yep; you do it at whatever pace you're comfortable with. That's what I like about RP games on dA (at least, the three I'm involved in). Its something to do on your own schedule so that its always fun or relaxing, not something to cause you stress :)

And absolutely; some characters come to me fully formed (human, horse or dog - even the farm animals at Lakewood. I knew all about my three escape-artist goats really early on) and others take time to develop and show themselves. But when I write or draw them, its always in the mindset of that character - doing, saying or thinking things that are right for them. And when you find one that really does hit you, or a storyline that means something, it can be really all-encompassing.

Its not really happened for me as part of rp, but last year I wrote a Maze Runner fanfiction that finished at over 100k words in just 4 months or so. And 85k of that was in 3 weeks. I'm currently totally snagged on a Gilmore Girls fanfiction that's gotten way out of hand, too. But then, as much as I write for my RP art, its not usually the same as when I set out to write a story, if that makes any sense. The only exceptions were Kiwi's story and the start up/backstory for Mosswood. And after the mosswood one, especially, there's so much history there that the characters definitely came to life ^^
RiverFall-Industries's avatar
cant wait omfg. they look gorgeous! great job!
kaorusquee's avatar
Six is a really pretty girl. I'm sure her pups will be too^^
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
Aw, thank you :hug: Six is my baby, so I'm really looking forward to this ^^
prettypinkey2's avatar

I can't wait to see Six's beautiful babies!
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
Me either :la: I'm going nuts XD
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