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  • Oct 25, 1991
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I'm just a bit of a nerd who likes to paint things :D

I've worked with horses most of my life, my actual job is in a bookstore and I like to read and write, too. I have some eclectic interests, from my love of Red pandas to studying genetics for fun, and also a bunch of inconvenient phobias that range from the normal to the wildly irrational. I'm mostly a digital artist, self-taught, and you're mostly going to find equine art here, though other animals and fantasy do also feature.


--Life and other commitments have been keeping my time on dA limited, sadly. I do try to check in as often as possible, though. Even if it takes some time to reply, I'm always open to questions if you have any--

Favourite Movies
Fly Away Home (Mostly for the soundtrack), Hocus Pocus, A Knight's Tale, The Maze Runner
Favourite TV Shows
Sense8, Gilmore Girls, The 100, Firefly, Black Books, 9-1-1, Castle
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Delta Goodrem, The Band Perry, The Shires
Favourite Books
Shiver, Heaven, The Doomspell Trilogy, Ingo, Elsewhere, Percy Jackson
Favourite Writers
Rick Riordan, Maggie Stiefvater, Cliff McNish, Stephen King
Favourite Games
Petz 5, Tomb Raider, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Red Dead Redemption 2
Other Interests
Red pandas, horses, animals, genetics, weaponry, swimming, ice skating, photography, designing, writing and reading

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Hi there! I have a seasoul horse import

SeaSoul Imports - 019

in my "my horses" folder and even though I don't post nor participate to dA harpg anymore I'd love to keep this horse in my toyhouse's new folder. Is that okay? I can make the art and send you if they need a new ref and all. Thanks in advance!

Hello, dear! I love your arts! Do you taking requests, If I might ask? It's about art of horse...

Hi, and thank you!

Unfortunately I don't take requests at the moment, no. I've just been too busy with other committments and have a long list of my own art I need to catch up on some day.

Best of luck with getting the art you're hoping for!

Hi, I’m looking fa horse OC to practice with on my new drawing tablet, do you maybe have a really old adoptable that didn’t sell that I could have? I could do art for it, but so far my art is only chibi style, lol

Hi :)

when you say 'fa horse oc' was that a typo or did you mean a fur affinity oc? Just bc I prefer for my adoptables to be primarily kept on dA/RP related, but I do ask that they're kept as horses and not anthropomophized. If you are looking for an OC for furaffinity based work of that nature, then I'm afraid my designs aren't for that.

If it was a typo, then I do have a few unsold adoptables that require art or point payments. I generally prefer them to be sold to active RP focused environments, but I could discuss selling one of my older ones. It can be nice to have something stable and familiar to draw while you develop your art :)

If that's too restrictive, there are also plenty of groups on dA that advertise lots of designs and adoptables, and some are free to claim while many have less terms than mine do. It could also be worth looking into some of those :aww:

Let me know!

Sorry, I meant a new fav, as in favorite one to draw, but the v didn't type in for some reason, lol. Sorry for the confusion! I'm not too into anthros. :)

I'd love any old one that didn't sell to practice with if that's alright, I don't even have to own it I'd just like a stable (lol) reference to use while practicing. Sorry for the confusion!

Ah, gotcha. No worries :)

There's a few here that never sold, and say whether they're points or art (though I'd prefer now that any art payment is of Heaven instead)

Unfortunately though there might be one or two others I've missed, I believe all my others are either sold or unconfirmed, rather than clearly open.

And I do still recommend looking into adoption groups for more options.

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