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A look at how a recent piece for an art show was made.

- Art masking fluid applied over lines.
- Watercolour wash of walls and floor.
- Beginning to remove masking fluid from paper.
- Ripping the paper by removing the masking fluid (aah!)
- Beginning to paint watercolour base layer of objects (skin, hair, etc).
- Continuing to apply watercolours and fixing rip
- Beginning to add shading with watercolours, copic markers and pencil crayons
- Further details and shading

Finished piece here!
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hey this is quite impressive, may I ask what paper you use?
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I used Strathmore Bristol Vellum (this one) first I couldn't recall and was going through all of my watercolour papers, but then I remembered I chose that bristol; it worked fine with watercolours, it took my pens and pencils better, and since I was doing tests and was sure I was going to screw up multiple times :blush: I wanted to use something a bit less expensive.
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:lmao: so it didn't go all warpy and nasty on you when you applied the watercolours? I really like watercolours, and I should really start using them again, but I can't afford expensive paper either ;p
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during testing it totally warped and bubbled and spewed hate everywhere. I think if it was a larger piece, I would have tried treating it first in a tub of water, but for this small guy I found that taping it down securely was enough to prevent it from warping (mostly). You can see along the top it did a tiny bit of warping (but it flattened down and wasn't noticable once I put it in the frame) [link]
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ok thanks! I will try taping things down >: D
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