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The Three Musketeers

By Tatter-Hood
A piece of mine created for the Vancouver Comic Jam Art Show, currently on display at The Wallflower (see my site for more details). A fun comic panel to do, based on my 2nd most favorite line written by Dumas.
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Just finished the book, and I want to embrace d'Artagnan from this moment...too precious for this world! T^T

Also...Athos is amazing too c:
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I love how Athos looks kind of sickly. Very good.
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I love the colors here! also the expressions and the super expressive posture. the clothes are quite well done, all those folds and shading...but the thing that keeps drawing my eyes is still that bright blue tunic :)
Tatter-Hood's avatar
Thanks! My in-laws brought me back some ocher pigments from France (very appropriate), which I used as the main base colours. They were all shades of yellow, orange and red - and one was a brilliant blue, which of course I just *had* to use for the tunic!
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Very nicely done - how did you get the detail in the lace? I love the way the colors blend nicely inside the sharp black lines of the illustration. It's beautiful.
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Thank you :) The little details of the lace were done with a toothpick and some acrylic paint.
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I am impressed with all the details in this picture. The lace,, buttons, wrinkles and fingernails.
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I love this book, and this line. :aww:
Tatter-Hood's avatar
me too!

(my favorite Dumas line is from Twenty Years After - also said by Athos: "I sometimes wonder, that we could form an association of men who would be, after twenty years of separation, still so closely bound together. Friendship throws out deep roots in honest hearts, D'Artagnan. Believe me, it is only the evil-minded who deny friendship; they cannot understand it.")
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That's a great quote! I'll get around to reading the books one of these days.
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did you know that they are making a new movie of the three musketeers?? Just thought id let you know just incase you didnt :) great picture btw :love:
Tatter-Hood's avatar
That I did! From what I saw with the trailer, I think it looks great (well, for the most part - not a fan of the cardinal's guards having black tabards)
and thanks :D
kittercat400's avatar
So do I :) ( I agree with you, it makes them look rather out of place dont you think??)
Your welcome :D
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What color would they wear?
kittercat400's avatar
Usually a deep red or light gray depending on Protestantism or Catholicism.
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I think they should wear red :)

(The book actually never really describes the uniforms of any of the guards, and historically the tabard isn't correct, so I guess it's up to interpretation. The black in this movie just seems to stand out. Plus there are several scenes in the book involving 'men in black' so for me it's a bit bizarre for me to imagine the Cardinal's Guards wearing the same thing as all the guys sneaking around - even though the men in black also were working for the Cardinal.)
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I see. We should be happy when Hollywood gets close to authentic.
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