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The Corpse Door

EDIT: This is the old, first version of this tale. Now my (slightly) animated version of The Corpse Door (3.0), featuring new art and pages, is now up and available to read in its entirety here!

First page of a comic I submitted to Gurukitty's Ghost Tales Comic Anthology. It's a ghost-zombie-horror story inspired/based on vikings and draugrs!

Dec 6 EDIT: It got in and it's first in the book (squee!)! So I'll be posting my full comic online in the (hopefully!) near future.

For those who like hard copies of things and reading more ghost stories, you can buy the anthology here.

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Page 3
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Awesome !
Thic comic is perfect !
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I really like this - I think the drawing is great and the whole thing is really nicely composed. I has a kind of rhythm to it. Well done getting it in the book!
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Nice one man. Great mix of two distinct styles! I would like to seem more details in the pictograph at the top however but that is the OCD talking. :D
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That´s really amazing!!
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I hope it makes it in!
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