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Shingeki no kyojin :3D Manoeuvre Gear WIP Update 4

Build Notes

Nearing the final stretch of the build with Pancakecos  and Nimue Klein , is the back pack and side wire launchers of the 3D Gear.

The majority of the pieces as you can see were again cut out from sheets of EVA foam sourced from gym mats. The yellow pieces are from a thinner yoga mat roll that I like to use for layered detailing.

The pieces are all held together with superglue and it’s just been a gradual process of attaching the several pieces to one another starting from the centre box.

In terms of mounting it to the body, the hollow rectangle gap you can see in the last picture is where a Velcro strap panel will be hot glued to down the line, that will allow it to be attached onto the wearer’s belt.

The side arms that reach around the waist are bent with a heat gun and were cut to length to match the wearer’s body.

On the drums we super glued some dome screw heads that were picked up from a hardware store and hack sawed some thin PVC pipes to do the protruding muzzle of the wire launchers.

We now are in the process of priming and painting everything and should be done with these in time for the con.

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
WIP Update: 4
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This is super helpful for ideas! Thanks for the info. I will use this to help me make my own cosplay
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I love seeing these. I'm planning on remaking my maneuver gear and swords, EVA foam is a good idea for the material