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Shingeki no kyojin :3D Manoeuvre Gear WIP Update 2

Build Notes

Continuing this build with Pancakecos and Nimue Klein where we left off.

We first started to finish off the grip details on the blade handles using a bit more of the EVA foam sourced from the gym mats. Using sharp box cutters we cut out the rough pieces we needed and then shaped and cleaned them up with a rotary tool making sure that when cutting the pieces they were correctly mirrored to suit the side of the handle face they went on.

Not long after that we then went about super gluing the corresponding pieces to one another and to blade handle surface itself making sure they matched the contours of the wooden base we had originally cut.

To cover up the exposed gaps and edges at this point we had cut out some thin sheets of wonderflex to length and superglued them into place.

Now moving on to the notches on the blades themselves that just involved us carving them out gently using some ordinary hand files.

It is vitally important that when going about this is that you first do a quick pre-cut and mark out with an initial groove using either a smaller file or blade of some kind, the path you want your file to go.

This initial groove allows the edge of the file rest in it as it is being used and it ensures a straight line cut and makes sure it does not does not diverge or skew.

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
WIP Update: 4
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I love it thank you for the great four SNK Tutorial
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So... so beautiful ;-;
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you're a genious!!!!
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oh dear god... it's beautiful xD
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Looking good, they're coming along nicely. If it wasn't for the slow update speed, I'd assume that you were a professional. Then again, you could actually be a professional who is working on this in his off time. I'm just gonna assume you're a hobbyist though, makes the results seem all the more awe worthy.
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