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RWBY Wilt and Blush

Wilt and Blush the Katana X Rifle weapon of Adam, from the new Roosterteeth series RWBY.

I am immensely stoked that I finally got this insanely cool thing cranked out, despite it being one of my most labour intensive builds to date :D.

Build Notes

So starting off; the blade (roughly 105cm (42 inches) tip to end) was cut from a 12mm (0.5 inches) thick plank of pine with the use of a jigsaw. The bevel of the katana blade was made with the combination of sandpaper and a belt sander.

The handle of the blade, also made from pine was made by using a process common to most Japanese katana handles, where you have two rectangular halves that have had channels carved into them, that come together to sandwich the blade base in between.

Wood chisels and a hammer were used for this along with a great deal of care and patience.

With the two handle halves sandwiched together with wood glue, the unseemly exposed seams were cleaned up with the smearing of bondo and sanding followed by detailing in the form of PVC sheeting.

Some cuts were directly attached to the handle of the sword, whilst some were bent with a heat gun and then filled out with Bondo to make up the rounded features of namely the muzzle and the hand guard.

For the scabbard that was also cut out of pine and could have been made in the same fashion as was the handle with chiselling, but instead was made by gluing in raised strips of plywood onto one half in such a way that I made a box around that enveloped the blade when the other opposite half was attached, but still provided enough clearance for it to slide in and out.

Cloth was glued to the inside channels to protect the blade’s eventual paintjob from being damaged as well as adding a friction factor that helps stop the blade from sliding out the end unnecessarily.

With that the two halves were glued together and again the arduous process of sanding began once more, using the belt sander again and countless hours of sanding a desired ergonomic shape and contour was achieved.

That done, more detail was added to the business end to add a level of depth. In tandem with this an ammo cartridge made out of EVA foam, and a trigger and trigger guard sculpted out of apoxie sculpt was also attached to the scabbard.

Paint job involved two coats of grey primer, acrylic paints for most of the features and a quick once over of dry brushing in to add some duress and wear. I should also note the insignia was printed out and transferred with the aid of carbon tracing paper and inked out with enamel hobby paint.

For more info on the build Visit:

The build Write-up

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Wilt and Blush
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The Completed Sword

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MLPquang20-c's avatar
Neat work there!
PokemonMaster555's avatar
The sword that left Yang HAND-icapped. :P
john98317's avatar
You know what? That sword is cool! But that sword is cutting yang's arm!!
TeoDX's avatar
well sometimes things just get out of HAND
OtakuRhi's avatar
OMG!!!! can I buy this? it's so cool!!!!! :D
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
Jetstream Sam, anyone?
Shinigami-Alien's avatar
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
Sorry, that's the Metal Gear RAY's thing.
SoulStormHNS's avatar
ThornOfHearts's avatar
Ok serious talk. Can I buy this?
Luminous-Blane's avatar
katanas are curved. I know, I know, nobody is gonna like me for being "that guy," but wilt and blush's sword component is a ninjato.
hunter6139RBLX's avatar
Adam's sword is actually a Chokuto straight sword.  Hence there being no curves.
just-me14's avatar
reminds me more of a shirasaya, due to the lack of a guard between handle and blade. Also, i do not want to be "that person". Sorry.
Luminous-Blane's avatar
...considering I had never even heard of a shirasaya, I defer to your judgement.
just-me14's avatar
... I have a huge interest in swords...
i have a few.
Abit late to the party, but godamn. That looks absolutely amazing. I'd happy pay to have that piece of art on a stand on my mantelpiece.
Angel--Arwen's avatar
You're is a Genious!!!!
*bows on knees* Teach me your ways master.
TheChaoticTrickster's avatar
this weapon and character's fighting style is like a cross between Jetstream Sam's hf blade(Metal Gear Rising), and Vergil's Yamato(DMC3) and fighting style. A perfect mixture might I add.
vladislaus01's avatar
jetstream sam sword
I love it and you did a grate job but I can't look at this and not think of jetstream Sam from metal gear revengence. 
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