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RWBY Weiss's Rapier WIP

Some of my WIP shots of Weiss's revolver rapier featured in the RWBY "White" trailer produced by by :iconmontyoum: and his people over at roosterteeth.

If you have not yet I do highly recommend checking it out cause it looks to become something friggin nuts when the full show is released…

Build Notes:

At the moment it is entirely made out of MDF (Medium density Fibreboard) which is a kind of wood formed by compressing and chemically binding leftover wood fibers togerther into a board,

The basic shape was cut out using a jigsaw and the sharpening of the blade done with a file and belt sander.

The cylindrical round parts in the center are also cut out of MDF with the aid of a hole saw drill bit,


A lot of MDF boards are binded with Formaldehyde resins, and are EXTREMELY toxic to cut/sand/shape so A RESPIRATOR IS A DEFINITE MUST

But don't let that put you off, keep yourself well protected and you'll be fine :)

RWBY Weapons:

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
Finished Blade

Crescent Rose
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
WIP Update: 4
Finished Scythe

Gambol Shroud
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Sword

Ember Celica
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Gauntlets
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ginlove93's avatar
can you tell me how to make it out of craft form bored form please and thanks
DragoonysKin's avatar
it literally took about 10 minutes to realize that said work in progress not rest in peace
Venegal's avatar
Mate you seem like a very talented person, could you answer me a troublesome thing that's been bothering for too long ? Please, it has to do with MDF.
Tatsutetsu's avatar
what is that? (also sorry for the delay)
Venegal's avatar
No worries, I read a tutorial that showed how to make a sword by gluing a few MDF boards together and then sanding the edges until you get the curved look of a sword. My question was whether or not this method is in fact good enough when making prop swords.…
Tatsutetsu's avatar
It depends on how comfortable you are with woodworking, and to a degree what materials are available to you on your side of the world.

The instructables method is more than valid a technique however personally I find MDF rather heavy (as compared to pine) and to laminate the sheets in that manner sort of compounds that fact.
Venegal's avatar
My appreciation amigo, your answer really helped me. Just one more small question, how is it that you Australians are so good with props ?


You and her and like 3 more prop makers I watch are from Australia, and they're all pretty good.
chkimbrough's avatar
oh…my….god….i would kill for this!
animecrazy2513's avatar
If this isn't too much trouble, would you mind sending me a note of the measurements of the handle, the barrel part, and the blade? I'm aiming to make this sword for a con and it would be great if it looked proportionate, thank you very much :)
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Have tried printing these out yet? , those are the 1:1 sizes i used and the MDF board was 12mm thick…
AoTsubasa's avatar
Your RWBY tutorials seem really helpful, me and my friends plan on trying to make our weapons based on your tutorials :)
How come you use MDF rather than regular wood?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
I'm very glad they are ^^

pretty much at the time of making it its what I had on hand, you can use any wood you wish essentially
Yuki-Chan4's avatar
What is the overall length and thickness of the wood?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Length wise from tip to end its roughly 106cm (42in) and the thickness 12mm (1/2 inch)
MidnightShadow88's avatar
How long has this taken so far?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Getting to this point, is the culmination of 3 days work,

One is spamming screenshots of the trailer and drawing up plans from them.

The next is cutting out the main body and sharpening the blade with a belt sander

and the third involves cutting out the disks with a hole saw and gluing them together to make up the revolver cylinder components
MidnightShadow88's avatar
Alright, thanks so much. i'm hoping to make one.. If I can get my friend to finally start ordering peices for her Ruby cosplay xD
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Best of luck to ya ^_^ hope it turns out amazing
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Thankyou so much
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