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Happy volume wrap everybody!!

The volume one finale of RWBY has just gone live on my side of the world and my god did it go out with a bang! What a way to leave us looking forward to the next half of the season!

I’m sure all of you like myself have enjoyed the journey all the way from the first four trailers and will be looking forward to the insane level of cool to come in the forthcoming volumes ^^

So to Mounty Oum and the rest of team RWBY and the staff at Roosterteeth whom have slaved throughout this past year for us. Enjoy your much deserved (albeit temporary I assume) rest from a job well done, looking forward to what you’ve got in store for us next year. :D

In other news, I understand that I have also passed 500 watchers which is friggin nuts in of it self. Seriously you guys are insane!! I am nothing but immensely humbled and ecstatic at this turn of events.
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Thank you very much for your tuto and patron <3
it's amazing weapon and i can make my Yang cosplay thanks to you
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Your props are  epic!!!! <3
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why is nobody funding this, I want one
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may I ask what each weapon is made from? 
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its a mish mash of many materials ranging from card board to craft foam, have a read of the build write ups on the blog to give you a better idea
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Oh, okay. Thank you! ^u^ Ill check them out. C: 
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So they are finally done ;O; Wow I'm so impressed. Since I saw your first step I was totally overwhelmed.
But now - see all 4 weapons at one, oh my gosh. You're so good at making props ;O; 
I hope I can do Crescent Rose just as good as you. Really love your work! Keep on going <3
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Seriously thank you again ^^

I'm sure it'll turn out just fine :D
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Np, you're so welcome! Can't wait to see more from you :)

I hope so :D
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Are you going to make the next team XD 
Ted-The-Anbunymous's avatar
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These are so awesome!
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You don't realize how awesome you are. I mean LOOK AT THEM!

Those Embers look beautiful ;u;

Hell. I bet you get quite a few offers on them huh?, lol.
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Thank you ^^

I do , but my current circumstances don't allow me to pursue commission work , so the best I can do is hope what I put up and make available people will be enough to help people go about making their own :D
kaimeleon's avatar
Oh really? 

Well.. If you ever get back to commission work and request you would have an easy buyer right here. 
Like I said, I love your work and I know the price would be worth it! ^0^ 

Keep on doing what you do!
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It was mid season. Not the finale
The weapons are bruce
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Its actually a midswason break fyi, or as Monty's calling it a Volume Finale 
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dude y do u have to beeeeee soo amazing...rlly these things are very beautiful brings me to tears . nice job!!! no great job!!!! keep at it!
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Thank you again (:
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