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RWBY Myrtenaster

I give you the Multi Action Dust Rapier Myrtenaster...

For those who don't know this is the weapon of Weiss Shnee in the up and comming series RWBY being produced by by :iconmontyoum: and his people over at Roosterteeth, The series is set to debut in July this year at RTX but leading up to the event trailers have been emerging showcasing the main characters, and in seeing this thing in action in the white trailer, I knew that I just had to have one of these.

Build notes:

Base of the sword as well as the two cross guards are cut out of standard MDF board using a jigsaw; the blade was sharpened using a belt sander and imperfections fixed using basic files.

The revolver cylinder and parts in the centre, were also cut out of MDF, with the aid of a hole saw drill bit. Sandwiching these disks together made up most of the shape of the cylinder then for the dome part; a clay base was sculpted then covered with Bondo and sanded.

Everything was assembled and glued with epoxy adhesive followed by two base coats of grey automotive primer and one coat of chrome spray paint. Detailing was done with several sheets of 250 grit sandpaper followed by acrylic paint for each of the six bullet chambers.

The handle was wrapped with a tennis racket grip that had been spray painted silver and the pommel sculpted out of plumbers epoxy.

For the designs on the cross guards stencils were traced onto the sword using carbon tracing paper and then inked using a ink brush tipped Sharpie.

This is by far the most gorgeous thing I have ever made and I am REALLY PLEASED as to how this turned out ^_^

For Further Build Details:

Head on over to the Myrtenaster build Write up

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MLPquang20-c's avatar
Wow, that looks pretty cool.

You managed to capture the original design well and it's just me considering how the handle should be when wielding it but I'd prefer a rounded handle but it'll still be comfortable to hold regardless.
Digidraw4thewin's avatar
FusionPalace's avatar
How did you do that??????!!!!!!!
HEYLLER's avatar
NIC3 job ^-_-^ Clap Clap Clap Clap
kirk327's avatar
Impressive workmanship.
Revinorebi's avatar
This is really awesome work! I wish i had the skills to make something like this!

Is it okay if i share some of your works on my tumblr? I'll make sure to credit you and let people know who did it.
royaicanttakethis's avatar
The details in this prop is stunning! Keep up the good work!
OtakuRhi's avatar
WOW the accuracy is amazing :D
Jaffaarchfiend's avatar
This looks awesome :) I've just got one question, how "battle-ready" is it? Cus whenever I've been at cons and people have weapons, they tend to have small impromptu fights with them, so was wondering how much punishment these weapons could take and such.
Space-Spaider's avatar
This is so cool aaaa ;w;
I was trying to make a completely working one with spinning cilynder and working hammer/trigger mechanism, this will certanly help! ouo
Just a quick question tho, how long is it from tip of the blade to the tip of the handle???
Zanely's avatar
Wow. The tutorial is very cool. I will try to make it one maybe one day c:
shishikokoroyuki's avatar
the next step would to make the dust cylinder spin 
bilbo212's avatar
the body and blade are almost perfect, but being overcritical the cylinder is a bit screwed up (not that i could do better)
Azarathian-Mage's avatar
Does the color wheel actually spin of it's own power?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
i does not i'm afraid
Azarathian-Mage's avatar
Damn... That would awesome if it did.
OricaMakr's avatar
oruntia's avatar
OMG...thank you for your references :)
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Your very welcome ^^
LinearUniform1's avatar
OMG I rly wish u we're selling these :iconwantplz:
I don't have the resources to make one so I just have to spray paint a pirate rapier for now :XD:
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