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RWBY Gambol Shroud

Gambol Shroud The Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe

For those of you wondering where the ballistic chain scythe aspect comes from it refers to a mode of the weapon shown in the trailer where it is able to collapse be swung around like a sickle and chain. For this build however I’ve decided to keep it just in the sword form and leave that version possibly for a later date.

Build Notes

To start off with I cut out and shaped out the blade of the katana from a piece of pine using a jigsaw and a belt sander; I should note that there is a section along the top of the blade that juts up and sharpening the blade along the curves around it was greatly aided with the use of a drum grinding bit.

For the handle itself that consisted of layering pieces of cardboard and PVC sheets on top of one another to build out the bulk shape and various raised details. The exposed gaps that run along the side of the handle were filled in with Bondo/Automotive body filler and sanded away with sandpaper and a handheld sander.

Next the scabbard internals were made by layering cardboard cut-outs of the scabbard outline on one another and cutting away the recesses of where the blade of would sit making sure to take into account the clearance for the notch at the top of the blade; Sealing the outermost layers with glued on PVC sheeting to hide the grainy surface of the cardboard.

To build up the bevel of the scabbard blade and to seal off the still exposed grainy cardboard surfaces, again I turned to Bondo/ automotive body filler smearing the compound and sanding away repeatedly until a surface finish I liked was achieved and finished off with the outermost layers with segments of PVC sheets to do the details.

For the initial paint job that consisted of a base two coats of grey primer, then a coat flat black and a final layer of grey done with acrylic paints; the silver part of the handle and the white stripes were achieved with spray paints.

After finishing the paintjob, though still impressive looking and resembling the weapon depicted in the trailer I decide to have little fun with this prop and did some dry brush weathering to give it a more battle damaged worn look.

Using some chrome model paint and an old brush I did quick light strokes all along the various edges and nooks and crannies of the prop to really bring out the lines and simulate some wear and tear revealing the “metal” underneath so it doesn’t look like it just came out of the factory but has been at some point plunged into a robot’s torso ^^.

For more Info on the Build
The Build Writeup

Overall like with all the RWBY builds to date I have absolutely adored the making process and how it’s turned out; In particular loved the weathering paint job, something I recommend you all try out at some point on your own making adventures.

So now with that out the way I wonder what ever it is I’ll be working on next… ^_^

RWBY Weapons:

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Gambol Shroud
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Is it weird that this gives me a boner? 
Digidraw4thewin's avatar
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Great job!…

This is my Gambol Shroud model(not finished yet), I need to say that your cosplay prop kit helps me a lot~
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Now that's a katana.
G1gg1L's avatar
How do you know the name of the rwby weapons?
I know ruby's but not the others.
PrinccesOfTheNight's avatar
you can look it up on google (that is what I did).
Sl33pdeprived's avatar
would you ever do raven sword?
MkJAS's avatar
How do you do the rusted greyed out finishes?
RandomPandamau5's avatar
I want to make this, hope it turns out as good as yours! :)
i would LOVE it if you would give me dimensions for gambol shroud. I'm going all out and making it out of metal, The only problem is that i don't know the size of it. i have the size of the size and all, but not the width of the whole weapon, so I can't make even start making it until if got the full dimensions of it. and if you could send it. please clarify what parts the dimensions are linked to, being metal and all, It'll be a little hard to fix it if I screw up...
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Do I see an M6 Series Magnum in the handle there my friend?
Solife's avatar
Someone needs to make a Gambol Shroud using an actual airsoft gun, and retaining the ability to actually fire it. Having the blade be able to fold would be cool as well.

Or use a real gun, that would be cool too.
TheDaemonOfTheWest's avatar
So I'm building this weapon for a friend. I've got an airsoft Uzi to build off of, so I don't need to know anything about the actual gun. However I plan on making the blade out of plastic. What material should the blade cuff be made of in your opinion? The part I'm talking about is the spot right above the slide that looks like the laser sight on the M6 series of pistols in Halo. Since it needs to be supporting weight I'm not sure if plasticard would be fine or if I should use something heavier. 
TheBlakeBelladonna's avatar
Is good quality Styrofoam good to use? (im not talking the crappy to go box kind) because ill be carrying this all day at a con for three days. Once i shape everything out i would cover it in paper clay and add the details. What do you think?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
it should be fine for the most part, personally i find it to be a tad fragile but if that's all you have available go for it:D
poopbuttzzz's avatar
What do you recommend making it out of?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
honestly use what ever is available to you or what you are comfortable working with. A good starting point for beginners could be cardboard boxes
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I do love it when a weapon looks uber anime stylish but still looks practical, like minus that ribbon scythe bit I could see a weapon like this actually existing in real life.
Eiloria's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial! It was really helpful seeing your progress photos when I made my Gambol Shroud.
Unfortunately, I don't have a suitable environment to do woodwork, so I ended up using foam boards, craft foam, balsawood and apoxie for my weapon. It worked out in the end, since it's probably a lot lighter than the version you made and would be more comfortable carrying around at a con. ><
Tatsutetsu's avatar
It turneds out really nice ^^

and I'm glad they were of use :D
Eiloria's avatar
Thank you so much! It means a lot hearing that from the prop master :D~
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