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RWBY Ember Celica

Ember Celica the Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets

Build Notes

Starting with eyeballed, roughly drawn paper templates I cut out the base pieces of the gauntlets from thick EVA craft foam sourced from gym mats using a steel ruler and hobby knives, which were then super glued together to the required shape.

For the bandolier of shotgun shells running along the gloves those were made from cheap thin plastic tubes pulled off dollar store mini bicycle pumps, these tubes were cut in half with a rotary tool and cut to length. Semi circles were attached to the tube halves which give the impression of shotgun shells and were thus glued to the rest of the gauntlet.

For the gun barrels those came from me carefully sawing them off cheap cowboy pistols and grinding them in such a way that when they were attached to the rest of the gauntlet they would appear in line.

Before painting could begin the foam had to first be sealed. My go to method for sealing foam is a 1:1 mixture of PVA glue (wood glue) to water which is then brushed onto the foam and allowed to dry for 8 to 10 separate coats which as a results hardens the surface and ensures the paint isn’t absorbed into the surface when it is applied.

With the foam sealed to a required degree next was the fun task of painting. The paint job consisted of several stages:

First was a grey primer layer, followed by a flat yellow acrylic spray-paint layer, for added flare I did light gold sunbursts and gradients along the edges of the gauntlets with an airbrush.

To cap it off a layer of weathering was achieved by dabbing a combination of black and brown acrylic paints onto the surface, allowing it to dry slightly and then smudging and wiping away with damp paper towels to get the desired look, before finally sealing the job with acrylic clear coat.

I should also mention that the shotgun shells were coloured with red enamel hobby paints and gold acrylics, and the gun barrels spray painted chrome and weathered in a similar manner mentioned above.

For more Info on the Build:
Visit the Build Write-Up.

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Ember Celica
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Finished Gauntlets
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smoking-thunder's avatar
Brilliant creation. Love the sign of wear
slyfer3k's avatar
dammmmnnnn i love the little detail on the barrel
also a good reff for me to do my own many thanks
Skraunn's avatar
IDK how I ended up here... I mean... Fuck! That's awesome!
CornelioBurris's avatar
Oh! Holy shit! Your amazing!
Only need one of those now....
Rohad's avatar
i knew before i scrolled down that this comment would be here...
jaetheblaze's avatar
Are these for sale these are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
tehnitekiat's avatar
what thickness foam did you use? im trying to get some and it would be nice to know the thickness so i dont end up buying too thick or too thin
loveless62800's avatar
Ok Stupid questions. One what is EVA foam? And where do you get it?
tehnitekiat's avatar
eva foam is the foam that is used in gyms to cover up the floor. You can either get it online or go to a home depot/lowes and you can get some there. just look up gym floor foam.
19jburner's avatar
Do the pointed pieces move back and forth?
loveless62800's avatar
If they don't and you want them to.. you can always a an intended piece on the inner side of the pointed part closer to the end and then on the main peice that holds the shotgun shell you can add a intended part to it above it and and add a spring closer to the end
NaruSaku14's avatar
Oh my gosh! I want these so bad >< But these look amazing!!!!
lilogirl2000's avatar
You did really well making the gauntlets look weathered, like Yang has been using them a lot recently. Awesome Job!!
PapopaQ's avatar
Two questions
how big are these?
are they for sale?
shishikokoroyuki's avatar
I have an idea of how I can make a functioning version of a shot gauntlet. it involves a kinetic firing pin and a rack and pinion for the cylinder rotation.
Tatsutetsu's avatar
that sounds like a very complex solution, do let me know how it works out
shishikokoroyuki's avatar
most guns are more complex
bilbo212's avatar
again, overcritical, but i would have made the front section, under the barrel, on a hinge and a leather or fabric strip to attach to the knuckles.
shishikokoroyuki's avatar
excellent work! I would have done a metallic paintjob or added metal flake
ChelseaDanger's avatar
Thank you so much for posting how you made these. I'll be cosplaying Yang in May and I wanted to make her gauntlets, but I had  no idea where to even begin. Now I don't feel so lost, thank you so much!
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Your very welcome I hope they turn out well :D
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