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RWBY Crescent Rose WIP

Build Notes:

Design Props for Functionality…

Transportability is a design feature often overlooked, especially for large scale props such as this and the like.

It’s all well and good making a giant killer prop but then having it unable to enter the con doors let alone cramming it into the car, can be detrimental to the prop as well as bring about a great deal of unnecessary stress and hassle to something you’ve dedicated all you time to.

As with all my projects a great deal of research and planning goes into a build long before construction takes places, whilst what material and what method you intend to use should be in the forefront of your mind.

Also take the time to think about what function will this prop have, will it be for just photo-shoots? Does it need to be light and strong enough to be used in performance? How the hell are we going to get this to the convention O_O?

For my scythe it is going to be used in an actual skit and need to be swung around as well as for photo-shoots so a certain level of detail needs to be reached and it must be lightweight and strong enough for the cosplayer to comfortably control.

Here I’ve got a heavy duty outdoor garden broom which I’ve removed the bristles and sawed/sanded/filed/grinded away all the unwanted parts of the plastic head.

What’s great about using this broom is that it comes premade with a screw thread meaning I’ll be able to detach the head and the body of the scythe so it can fit into the car and get to the con and back.

I must also stress the heavy duty aspect of the broom ordinary brooms or wooden dowels could be used but depending on how much weight you put on the scythe head you’re going to experience some degree of bending in the rod.

My scythe needs to be able to be swung about on stage so I need to make the scythe head as light as possible and the handle as rigid as I can so the heavy duty outdoor garden broom was a natural choice.

So like I said design props for function ^_^

RWBY Weapons:

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
Finished Blade

Crescent Rose
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
WIP Update: 4
Finished Scythe

Gambol Shroud
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Sword

Ember Celica
WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Gauntlets
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moonlightluver44's avatar
Can you tell me what part of the broom the last 2 pictures of this part of the tutorial??? I am a little confused as to where they fit in the weapon :/ 
thanks for the help :)
19jburner's avatar
So you mean to tell me that Ruby made her giant killer scythe out of a broom?
mouse1002's avatar
Is it possible that I can substitute PVC foam sheets for something else? And if so what?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Any rigid material should do, a good alternative could be foam core board, or even cardboard boxes
darkx630's avatar
So im curious as to what the PVC sheets are, are they like…
Or can you find them in a hardware store?
Tatsutetsu's avatar
maybe at a hardware store, but for me these were sourced from old promotional displays from a department store, Other than that you'd have to try online to find a supplier but also try looking up a product called "styrene"
Eiri789's avatar
woah, luckly i found your wip, now i can try 2 do it 2 ^^, im planning 2 cosplay on december ^^
Tatsutetsu's avatar
No worries, let me know how it turns out :D
Eiri789's avatar
sure i will ^^
geek96boolean10's avatar
I support you all da wayyyyy
Tatsutetsu's avatar
musicminion7813's avatar
man i tell this is gonna be sweeeeet
Tatsutetsu's avatar
I'll try not to disappoint :)
TomeOfAnnwn's avatar
This is going to be quite the project ^^
Tatsutetsu's avatar
and possibly the most complicated :D
kiba-raptor's avatar
i love this weapon, i am looking forward to how it looks later on.
Tatsutetsu's avatar
Thank you, hopefully it will turn out well :)
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