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RWBY Crescent Rose

A High Velocity Sniper Scythe named Crescent Rose...

If you don’t know yet, this is a weapon wielded by one of the four main protagonists in :iconmontyoum: and Roosterteeth’s upcoming animated series RWBY, show is set to debut this July and to hype us up trailers have been released showcasing what’s to come and being blown away by the red trailer , I am very much looking forward to what the show will bring.

Build Notes:

Base and support structure of the entire scythe consists of a heavy duty outdoor garden broom that has a threaded head attachment that allows me to separate the rod and broom head. The reason this is great is because this means I am able to separate both the scythe head and handle which allows makes transportation of the prop to a con much easier.

For the head of the scythe the main body was constructed out of a combination of sturdy styrene and plastic sheets for the base and then a top thin layer of wonderflex glued on top to do the details. The blade was shaped with Bondo and everything glued together with heavy duty epoxy glue.

The dome part is made from a cheap circular LED tap light, whose outer plastic shell I took out and pained over.

The handle was made in a similar process to the scythe head, again using sheets of styrene and plastic I had lying around as a means of making the base structure to which the wonderflex would be glued onto for each of the ornate details.

The side bolt handle that juts out is made from a portable hand fan that I removed the top off of and cut down leaving just the handle.

I should note that a lot of the strength of this prop comes from the array of cardboard fins and webbing that has been glued inside the hollow chambers of both the scythe head and the handle.

Trust me doing something as simple as hot gluing cardboard rectangular fins inside the hollow sections of a prop will result in a drastic and noticeable improvement in strength and stability whilst keeping everything very lightweight.

Followed by two base coats of grey automotive primer and a paint job done with ordinary acrylic paints the scythe is good to go.

Do have a look at the other related WIP stages leading up to this, for more in-depth details of the build process and a better idea about the cardboard fins I was talking about.

This is by far is the most time consuming and labour intensive weapons I have ever worked on, but it all in all it has turned out SO UNFATHOMABLY COOL!!!

For more info on the the build
The build write-up

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i need this and i need it now!
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Awesome work!!!
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OMG freaking awesome !!!
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RWBY'S scythe this is freaking awesome!
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Dude, all of these weapons are awesome:)
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I started to build this and I was wondering what diameter and length of pvc you recommend me getting?
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Hello im trying to make a crescent rose and i know you used plastic sheets and wonderflex for this but are there any cheaper options? i dont have a lot of money so i need to be on a budget lol please and thank you (btw it looks awesome)
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Nevermind about my commission inquiry... I saw your response to someone else, that you're not in the business of commissions, yet. Sad panda. Oh well, this is still amazing work, you are very talented!!! I plan to cosplay Ruby this summer... can't wait!
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Beautiful prop of Crescent Rose... out of curiosity, would you take a commission for one of these? If not, that's cool. I just see replicas of Crescent Rose on eBay and they're at crazy prices. lol Not that a commission of it would be any cheaper, mind you... I know something this detailed and time-consuming would be pricey. 

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If you were selling I would definitely buy it. This is really good. :)
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how tall is it without counting the blade and the spear below
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I love this so much! Awesome work. I'm hoping to make one pretty soon for a London Comic Con :3 I hope you don't mind me using your build write up as a guide!
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I'm excited 'cause I'm gonna cosplay as Nora, and I'm gonna make her hammer out of an Ice Cream Bucket! :happybounce:
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Are you going to break their legs?
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. . . . . . Noooooo :iconliarjackplz:
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Just be sure to find Cardin first
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