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RWBY Cosplay Prop Build Kit (Updated)



Long time coming but the set is now complete and includes ember Celica.

To celebrate my reaching of 200 watchers, I've decided to upload my 1:1 scaled ready to use blueprints of the RWBY weapons I've made to date.

In this kit you will find the drawings I used to make Crescent Rose, Myrtenaster and Gambol Shroud from the upcoming series RWBY currently being produced by Monty Oum and his team at Roosterteeth.

This is my way of saying thank you! to you out there for taking an interest in my work and hope you will join me for the many endeavors to come :D.

It is also my way of supporting the show and giving back to the community that has been good to me, so I hope these will be great aid to you in your own making and cosplaying projects and I hope to see what you are all capable of how you will use them.

To see how I used these drawing head on over to the blog to pick up an idea you may want to try out.

How to Download

Simply click the "download file" button on the far right side of the page and follow the prompts to download the RAR file.

From there, extract the file to find enclosed; the four PDFs for each of the weapons.

Instructions on how to assemble and use the build kits is written in the PDFS so have fun and enjoy.

If your lost on how to build using the drawings head on over to the blog to get you started and give you some ideas you might want to try out.
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Hi are you still active? I want to download the template to make Gambol Shroud