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Fairytail: Erza Scarlet's Heaven's Wheel Swords


Erza Scarlet’s swords from her Heaven’s Wheel Armour form.

These were cranked out recently for a friends surprise 21'st who is really into Fairytale and is going to be cosplaying as her in this form for an upcoming convention. Overall I am absolutely ecstatic on how these turned out and in building these let me try out some new approaches to my sword making and painting.

Build Notes:

Blades are made from pine, that were cut using a jigsaw and edges bevelled using a belt sander.

Handle is made with a PVC pipe that is attached to the blade using a wooden tang and polyurethane glue.

Cross-guards are made from thick EVA foam from a gym mat using superglue as an adhesive.

Acetate and wonderflex was used to cover all exposed edges.

foam pieces were sealed with 1:1 wood glue and water mixture, acrylic spray putty was used to fill in a good portion of the gaps and sanded away to achieve a glass like finish on the blade surface.

paintjob consisted of acrylic white base and airbrushed silk black for highlights on the handle, automotive chrome on the blade and enamel red and blue where appropriate for the decorations, pommel and gems.

 Handle wrap is using blue upholstery vinyl and hot glued in place at the ends.

For more detailed info on the build Visit:
The build Write-up

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Swords


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Now just about 198 more and your good
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These are SOOOOO COOL! I just wanna say I am absolutely in love with your work and its my dream to be as good as you!! And they way you made Yangs Gauntlets is amazing! I've been trying to make her gauntlets for some time but i always mess up lol BROFIST 
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You're so skilled~ o.o *in awe*
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Wow amazing work! It looks really good!
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Awww yeeeeeeah!!
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