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FairyTale: Erza's Heaven's Wheel Swords WIP

Build Notes:

Starting off, like with all my swords I like to set out making the blade bases that I will use to support the rest of the sword from; Here I used a 25mm (roughly one inch) thick plank of pine and using the jigsaw to cut, the band sander to bevel the edges and sandpaper of varying grits to clean up I made two base blade you see before you.

From there, I started making makeshift tangs that would allow the handles to be attached to the already produced blade; which was just a matter of using a hole-saw to cut out an MDF circle the exact same inner diameter as the PVC pipe I was going to use.

Then using an appropriately sized and lengthy screw I affixed the circular nubs to the butt of the blade and then glued the PVC pipe handle to a snug fit using polyurethane glue.
Once the glue had cured I then started making the cross guards of the swords using EVA craft foam I cut out from an exercise gym mats and attaching everything together using superglue.
I should also note to cover up the exposed faces and edges caused by attaching the foam this way I covered those up with acetate sheets I cut to size.
From here I now need to start prepping all the surfaces for future painting and go about sealing the foam surfaces. So look forward to that :D

WIP Update: 1
WIP Update: 2
WIP Update: 3
Finished Swords
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You're one talented motherfucker.
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