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Here she is the fun and klutzy but always lovable mare; Derpy!
Thats right, I said Derpy... she'll always be Derpy to me.

I choose to leave some of the lines uneven to help emphasize the fact that she's been shocked by the cloud that she's had fun bouncing on.

2-3 hours to vector, and colors taken from color chart by Kefkafloyd
Due to the size of the image I worked from I'm not entirely sure about the placing of her cutie mark, what do you guys think?

All comments welcomed, especially tips and advice.

If you wish to use this vector for any of your own work then please credit acordingly.

MLP FiM and all related names are ©hasbro
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used in a photomanipolation: [link]
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So much Derpy love.. :)
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She's really getting the shock of her life in this one. :)
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Almost on the same level that bronies around the world got from her talking and lil scene! :D
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She's probably thinking "Oh my god, I'm Dexter. Oh my god. Oh my god, I'm Dexter, I'm the smartest motherfucker on the planet. Fuck Jimmy Neutron, I'm the smartest kid in the motherfucking universe. Oh my god, I'm Dexter..."

Reference: [link]
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