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Thought I'd dust things off on here. And update with backlog!

Also checkout my new tumblr page ( instagram )


  • Listening to: Hans Zimmer
  • Reading: Art magazines
  • Watching: Magic flow
  • Playing: Planetside and Torchlight 2
  • Eating: M&m's as ALWAYS
  • Drinking: Water?

Thought I'd start naming my updates seeing as I'm naming everything else.

Follow me on twitter today! -

Currently updating my CV and Personal website. Hopefully they will be finished by the end of tonight.

Once the above is finished i can finally start designing stuff again!

Also sorry for the slow updates on DA for Blog posts. Sometimes forget to update deviant art! Need a icon update on Blogger where i can just update DA at the same time like I post to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Listening to: U2
  • Watching: Chuck
Thought I'd pop in and starting adding stuff again. Going to add things to deviant art from my blogs so its like another place to view blog and things on working on.

Check out my website and blogs at
Website - and

Blogs - and
  • Listening to: Pitch Black
  • Playing: THE BALL
Finally bought some urls and got my website up. At the moment the website is very bare but that will change once I've finished my degree which is the end of next week.

Check me out at or  !!!!
  • Listening to: Karnivool
  • Drinking: Water water water ...
Thought I'd update a little, dust the cobwebs off my deviantArt account and start posting work again.
Might post some videos if i can figure out how to upload them.
  • Listening to: Karnivool
  • Drinking: Water water water ...
So FINISHED university for the year. And its time to unleash the creative action/stuff thats been imprisoned for the whole year. Due to "WTF" year of second year design at Waikato(Hope i pass :). So loads of projects on the way! My own personal website is in the works :D As well as several other websites and things ;) Release trailer for one project is nearly done. And also have to find a job for the summer to pay for rent :(

So I'll start with some photography. And then you might see a trailer latter in the week if all goes well :D
  • Listening to: London elektricity
  • Reading: DA VINCI CODE
  • Playing: BORDERLANDS
  • Eating: TOAST
  • Drinking: PUMP
Been abit quiet over the last I don't know how long. No updates or anything from me, although i have been browsing daily. Some pieces are in the works at the moment. And I'll also be posting some photography from my camera (Old school).

The new Expose 7 and massive black books i received for my birthday presents are a real inspiration. You guys should check them out at ballistic books (online). Also Behance is a great place to find design inspiration if your lacking ;)

Hoping to use this to motorivate me outside of University, because it's rather lacking at the moment. I'll be changing around my gallary, so i don't have to create two accounts with excellent work and play around.
So keep tuned
  • Listening to: Fat Freddys new album
  • Reading: Course note and design history books
  • Watching: The night :)
  • Eating: Yoghurt
  • Drinking: White wine :D
Ya thought i'd say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. Have a good one, have fun with the family and enjoy the dinner ;)
  • Listening to: Tool
  • Reading: Some random one
  • Watching: Just watched postal = shiz
  • Playing: TF2
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: HOT chocolate...mmm
  • Listening to: Tool + Creed
  • Reading: Textbooks :(
  • Watching: My University work build up
  • Playing: GoW sometimes ;)
  • Eating: HOME FOOD OMG!
  • Drinking: Water still :P
Last days of high school :D
  • Listening to: Nine inch nails
  • Reading: Was reading the 'chain of dogs'
  • Watching: My eyes sag :(
  • Playing: Crysis and ETQW
  • Eating: Was eating some m&ms
  • Drinking: Lots of water