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Compacticons HD for Android


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Okay here's the deal..
This sunday (3rd of february 2019) I'm going to the hospital for a really serious operation and afterwards months of rehabilitation.
Of course I'll bring my laptop with me but I've never been that good at developing applications (coding part and stuff.. the Compacticons app is pretty much it).
Soo.. I'm looking to see if there are anyone who would like to help me code the app while I create the icons.
I would prefer it if the app is based upon Jahir Fiquitivas excellent blueprint icon pack template.
I'm very productive and although I'm not building an app I'm still creating icons by the hundreds each week.
Let me know by e-mail ( or a DA message if you are interested and we'll work out a good deal for both of us!
Thank you for your time!
Regards tatos

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Over 2800 192x192 application icons.
Download link for APK below and if you just
want the PNGs there's a link for those to.

I highly recommend using Nova Launcher and
scaling your icons down to about 70% - 80%

Make sure you've enabled other sources before installing
System settings » Security » Other sources

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UPDATE MAY 10th 2016



APK FILE (v3.0)

APK FILE (v4.0)



Dropbox (2013) Icon mid

Compacticons v1.0
Compacticons HD v3.0
Compacticons HD v4.0
About 15 wallpapers

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how do i open this file and apply it? it is a .bin file

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Hello Tatos! Today I hope you are well after the surgery! :)And I'm getting checked because this APK is not compatible with my Motorola G6 with Android 9. And I already enabled all permissions. Don't have a hidden link where I can install these wonderful icons on my smartphone? : D hahaha .. I NEED THOSE PERFECT ICONS ON MY APPLIANCE!


Hi @tatosXL I've been loving and using your Icons for years. For all those years whenever I used them I always gave you proper credit. I'm really sensitive about using someone's work and I could swear that I thought that I can use it in my paid KLWP presets, but recently someone kindly point me that I can't actually. And I am really not sure what to do. Old zip files which I have and was using (and are still avalaible in your profile) have different license then icons shared here.

Please clear my doubts. If I am not allowed using them in my KLWP presets I'll remove them as soon as possible.

once this is downloaded how do i use it as my icon pack? (sorry, im new to samsung/android)

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You need a launcher that supports custom icon packs. Other than OnePlus I don't think other default launchers have custom icons so you will need to get a launcher from the play store like Nova launcher, lawnchair, Hyperion, CPL, etc.
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English please :)
thank you so much
hi men, anyone got a ttf version?
Very nice icons. How do I download apk file?
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Thank you. There is a link in the description
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Your icon pack is popular in r/androidthemes on reddit, so you could try there, or r/androidapps too. Best of luck and get well soon.  :) (Smile) 
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Good luck with your operation, Tatos boss!!!!!
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Thank you very much my friend!
please add Huawei/Honor apps icon
please add telegram icon for next update 👍🏼
Amazing Work ! i love it 
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THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Working on v5.0 atm
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Thank you very much!
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