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heey guys 

since i started my kennel with the pitbull and Basenji  im looking for designs 
i don't have points so i could draw for you (no promise its amazing ) 

only need 3 pitbull designs 
only need 4 basenji designs 

there are a few  things i don't want .. 

Brindle i don't really like the brindle colors ..
to much white  white is harder to shade  

i have a rednose pitbull already so please don't make an other red nose one .. 
i will make a complete story line with the dogs   so they will be showing  some more .. 
because i have to use gimp again i have to practise again and thats why i don't really post ... 
my laptop doesn't allowe sai anymore 

if i post stuff this week its because i had to send my laptop back to the fabric (software problem ) and i borrowed a laptop who allows me to use sai 

my gimp is gonna be with black lines untill i figured it back out and have lines that color along the horse i make ..
i have been thinking and i don't see much fun in this anymore im not going to sell them i just trow it on a different way
i still keep Samson and Sebastian but im gonna make my stable specially for stallions and keep it small so im gonna look through my folders to find some other stallions sometimes i have a horse but i don't like it as a mare and it was bought with out any information i will change it up to a boy ... 

i want to make it small so 4 or 5 horses maybe 6  
the rest of the space is gonna be used for other things im thinking about ... 
i will try to keep this up because this idea is more interresting ...  also want to make things more realisitic i know somethings its not like the coloring but the only horse that is not gonna be changed is Sebastian ... 
the color not real ?? tell me  but do it normal im not in the mood  for bossy stuff 

right now its 
Diamond Exchange  

the horse that won't be for breeding  is Sebastian he will be under the saddle like others  but more .. 
so uhm today its 2 years my dad died its been though for me because mostly my friends have been fighting with their dads and now your think why is that though for you ? well lets say i was damn close with my dad  and it hurts to hear they "hate "their father im really quick in tears the last year dunno why 

uhm i really want to draw foals but i don't want to have because i might gonna have to much horses so do you have a foal and i can draw them just send me a note or down under 

mostly im not even drawing anymore im reading on Wattpad wich takes mostly my day just like my study wich i love 
i have been helping dogs with in issue like they get scared when the boss leaves the house or crossing the street 
or just simple issues but the owner can't solve them because they don't know how

i gradute from the study ... like the studie says i know everything about the dogs but nothing is more true... i might know the inside and stuff but like their character  or about their breeds its still nothing 

and again my dad in the hospital .. he was home  but last night he want to go to the toilet and the feeling in his right leg was gone my brother calls the docters for the night they come and tell him that he has to go to his own docter..
but this docter send him to the hospital again .. in the hospital  the docters tell him and my brother and friend  that he has to stay there and they bring him to the intensive care .. .. maybe this was the last time i saw him ...

Okay a Update becausseee

In the hospital they are helping my dad with is right leg but the day after that his left leg started with the same .. so the helping my dad with that problem at the same day .. and my dad is gonna be allright (jeej because i can't miss him ) uhm he is still in the hospital but not on the intensive care anymore ... on a other floor one where he is allowd to walk ... me is very happy

okay if you follow me a little bit maybe you already know that he is dead ... 2 weeks exacly
in those weeks people are telling me that im changed ... offcourse  im changed i miss my dad very much but life goes on and i have to ...

9 weeks without my dad .  first bday without him .. was hard

so Christmas was hard for me ... my parents are divorced normally i go one of the days to him and the other im staying with my mom.... its hard to believe that is almost a year that he's gone  but in this year im try to stay strong but i can't .... some night i cry myself in sleep

What makes it even out..

I feel that for a while.
that I ignored is that people have enough of me.
well that feeling was true. people go to friendships but when the 1 do not dump them that feels fine. of course that's very easy but if they then again knot should I help them? well no not really more ... am done with it if you seriously think that I so live do you the error.
Want best friends are but then you by either side for the other hand seems to me.

sorry its from a translator
mmh i'm not myself  i have bad feelings because my dad is in the hospital and when he is going to the hospital it is very bad ..
i hope he will survive this time ..