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Running in the dark  by Tatjanaxxx Running in the dark  by Tatjanaxxx
alright just because i don't know how to make things glow you can tell me how to do that but be nice 

Samson was running in his pasture along with Sebastiaan on the other side of the fence. while Steve was watching them on his space next to Tatjana  'maybe we should take them on a trailride ' Tatjana looked at Isa 'you  sure ?' Isa nodded 'maybe we can take both Stallions 'Tatjana shrugged 'you wanna ride Samson or do you say i stay save and climb on Sebastiaan ' isa looked unsure when Tatjana asked if she wanted to climb on Samson 'is it save ' Tatjana looked at her 'you really think i would suggest it if he would run away i can ride him with a neckrope and with no hands im pretty sure its save ' isa was still a little unsure 'maybe later okay i want to see how he is first ' Tatjana shrugged and whistled a melody and Samson turned around and walked towards the fence 'wanna go for a ride buddy ' Samson shook his head up and down 'alright lets go than  ' Isa smiled and took Sebastiaan his halter and they saddled up the horses 

when they were running in the woods 'can i try samson ?' Isa looked at Tatjana 'only if i can ride Sebastiaan ' they switched horses and isa made this picture as Tatjana and Sebastian gallopped past her 
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October 25, 2015
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