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You dare enter my realm...

By tatiilange

--------- are not prepared'

My old watchers might recognize this old concept, the thumbnail of this was done more than a year ago and you can find it here  You dare to enter my realm... by tatiilange
I think it shows a bit of my improvement, specially with lighting (contrast) and detail management, I remember being quite proud of that bw thumbnail back then hahaha

This painting was sponsored by my awesome Patreons! Thank you so much guys for supporting me, special mention to   NickAtorimi &   Magarnan :D 

Check out my PATREONProgress shots of how this was made are available there as well as the full res file >>
The original resolution of this file is around 10,000x6,000px, and PRINTS are available in my store!…

I hope you enjoy! c:

The God Slayer by tatiilange [Patreon Reward] Lost Empire by tatiilange<da:thumb id="630444280">
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Did I just catch that reference? This art is beautiful- but is that a WoW reference I see? I laughed harder at this than I thought I would. I was admiring this beautiful artwork (Apparently made almost a year ago now, whoops. Hope you're okay with old work comments? ;~; ) when I read the title and the line afterwards and was like "HOLD THE PHONE... IS THAT WHAT I THINK THIS IS?!"

The lighting is gorgeous though and I love how menacing and unwelcoming the dragon is towards the person. ;3; I also love how the artwork sweeps you away as you follow the dragons tail into the distance, giving you an idea how how long thing big boy/girl is. ;3; Even the rock, water, and skies details stun me. This may not be your most recent art, but I hope you still appreciate the fact that even your older art is beautiful! ;3;
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wow I missed this comment somehow! sorry for the late reply!

Yes that a Wow reference! XD Of course I dont mind comments in my old work, I still like this piece anyway ^^

omg thank you so much! Your comment and the fact that you took the time to appreciate this drawing so much really means a lot c:
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" You dare enter my realm? "

" Oh sorry I did not saw your stamp on it. " Nick Wilde - Icon 
DunkleMaterie's avatar
>looks at Dragon<

" No answer? Yeah thats what I thought! You know whats good for you! " :XD:
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This is wonderful, I really love the colors and scale of it all.

It gives me some ideas as well.

Would you mind if I were to write a scene taking inspiration from this?

I'd of course give full credit for the inspiration and link back to the original.
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Sure! Im glad this inspired you! And thanks for asking first <3
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Impressive efforts, Tatiilange. :)
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You are welcome, Tatiilange. :)
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Por cierto, so long I hadnt heard from you, how are you? :D
GabiHorseArt98's avatar
Yep!neither I form you hahah 
I'm fine Tati! and you? Still riding horses? :)
tatiilange's avatar
Actually nope, I stopped riding a while ago. My sister goes riding every day though, idk if you remember her, she is Nadiracat now ^^
GabiHorseArt98's avatar
Ohh Thats a shame, you are a very talented rider! 
And thanks for telling me about her new name :D :hug: 
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This is absolutely amazing
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Your very welcome! :D
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It looks awesome.
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