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Tempest's Wake


Started as a shiny Mega Rayquaza and ended up like a dragon haha

There are some places I could keep refining, but Im not a fan of over detailing.

Patreons will receive full resolution file (which is over 10,000 pixels wide HUGE) and psd file!

A painting for my portfolio, I hope you like it!
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Wow this is amazing!!! 
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this is just incredible! I love this so much
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yay thank you so much!
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np ^^
its the best rayquaza I have ever seen ^^
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Super cool, my dude!
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Holy crap this is incredible and awesome and I love it.
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It's beautiful.... Kagami (Waterfall of tears) 
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It enormous and mad!
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That's a great realistic-looking version of Shiny Mega Rayquaza! It looks really beautiful by its own way but also full of power. Those details on it are very well-done. It's great how you scaled its skin. I also like the way you did the clouds. :D

Only that white circle near the end of Rayquaza's tail appears to bother me a bit. Since everything else is so detailed I feel like it's a little blank compared to the other parts. And therefore drawing your eye away from Rayquaza. I'm not saying it should be very detailed, even a simple shadow/ lightet par on it (in case it's the moon, not sun) would do.

Other than that, great work! This is still a fantastic piece to look at! :heart:  
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That's super cool! :D
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