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Sons of War


This painting was made possible by my awesome PATREONS! Thank you so so much guys for supporting me, thanks to you I can work on pieces that I am truly proud of as an artist. Special mention to NickAtorimi & Magarnan :D
Want to support too? check my Patreon, every dollar goes a long way!

I am proud to say I finally finished this piece. I sincerely hope you like it as much as I do, I think is one of my best works up to now ^^
The original resolution of this file is 10,000x5,000px, its HUGE and super detailed, and will be available for my patreons c:
Oh and yeah another Two Steps from Hell inspired song XD

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I love the work of this... Man? Women?... Furry.
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Quickly, tame the beast so you can use it in a battle against the Orcs! We need more gryphon knights!
PhoenixCalifornia's avatar
One of the very best =D keep up the good work!
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thank you very much!
LedWingz's avatar
Beautiful! The level of fine detail in everything is truly mind-blowing O_o
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So cool. Your colors are really great.
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yay thank you! :D
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thanks a lot! ^^
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you are most welcome tatiilange
Magnificent! Is there a story behind this scene? It surely deserves one.
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thanks and nope, my writing skills are not close to my drawing skills XD but anyone would be welcome to create one!
  That is SO tempting! If I find the time, I just might try to write up something. And, if some day you have the time, I might want to commission something.
  Some day, maybe.
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ahh sounds awesome! :la:
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Simply amazing! O:

and 10,000x5,000 res... holy shit
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ikr? beefy computer still working! haha
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Oh man, this is awesomely epic!
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