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January 9, 2017
Featured by PixlPhantasy
Suggested by LupusDream
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By tatiilange
EDIT: AHHH ;.;  Thank you SO much for the DD! It's an honor!
LupusDream thanks for suggesting it and thanks to PixlPhantasy for featuring it! :icondummywooplz:


Hey everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
I hope you all had some nice holidays c:

This painting took me quite longer than expected Im not sure why hahah
Some of you might recognize this character, is Keeda! from my comic IODINE which you can read here IODINE -Cover v2 by tatiilange

This painting was sponsored by my awesome Patreons! Thank you so much guys for supporting me, special mention to   NickAtorimi &   Magarnan :D 

Check out my PATREON! Progress shots of how this was made are available there as well as the full res file >>
The original resolution of this file is around 10,000x6,000px, and PRINTS are available in my store!…

I hopr you enjoy! c:

The God Slayer by tatiilange [Patreon Reward] Lost Empire by tatiilange<da:thumb id="630444280">
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Wonderful environment here and she's so concentrated here :)

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The wings and those mountains are just so ahhhh :Q_____
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This! Is just way too epic!
Reminds me of Guin Saga. 
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Very dramatic! Clap 
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Also, have you ever thought about writing graphic novel? It seems like you've thought a lot about the different cultures and backstories of the characters in your art. It would make a great story!
tatiilange's avatar
IODINE -Cover v2 by tatiilange  on the making already XD
Lonestarnoctus123's avatar
What art program are you using? Or do you paint these manually? The detail is seriously stunning! :D
tatiilange's avatar
Photoshop CC, they are painted 'manually' on a cintiq tablet c:
Thank you very much!
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Wonderful detail, and beautiful too. 
tatiilange's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Wow real skill here :)
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:onfire: ... excellent work!
PsykoHilly's avatar
A true pleasure, Tatiana ... you're most welcome :salute:
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FRIEND, I need your skills, I want to make a poster to put here in me, I want a lot bigger resolution of the photo I have here is small and will not, I would like your help to increase a resolution of it without it losing its Quality, leaving it very beautiful and giant as possible without losing a quality, .. if you can help me I will be very grateful, if yes send me an email that I give you the photo by, my email: :)
tatiilange's avatar
I will try to say this as nicely as I can, as I know it was not your intention, but to be honest youre being quite rude.
First, no youre not my friend, I have never heard of you before.
Second, I do art as a JOB, I charge $30+ USD the hour and your assumption that I should work for you without you offering anything back shows exactly how misinformed/ careless you are about artists work.
Third, no, Im not taking PAYED commissions from anyone right now.
Thank you.
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