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[Patreon Reward] Lost Empire

Speedpaint for   Neltharain ! A bit late, sorry for that!

Im quite happy of how this one came out, ahh I like drawing backgrounds! :D

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Looks absolutely stunning, the background is simply breathtaking, somehow reminiscent of Skyrim, with the valley and the towering mountains. The colours are just stunning, one of my fav pieces of furry art so far. 
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I see what you mean, Skyrim landscapes are amazing ^^ Thank you!
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This needs to be a video game
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this was a speedpaint? dang Tatii you're awesome! I dig the almost sortof fisheye lens sort of look to it? where it looks like stuff is minutely distorted towards the main focal point? though that may just be me not having contacts in :V
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Aww thank you! :blush:
Hahaha the fish eye was not intended but maybe there is a bit of that effect XD
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Beautiful indeed! I really dig the background.
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Oh my gosh! It's awesome!
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Again you do some extremely beautiful work! I love the architecture, and the warm colors. The lighting is amazing as well.
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Thank youuu :'D
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