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Fire and Blood


Finally.... I made a painting with my fursona! :icondummywooplz:
Naerys - 2016 by tatiilange
I love my character so much, but like all my other characters I just neglect her XD Thanks to my Patreons for choosing this idea and allowing me to do personal art <3

Ive heard two interpretations of this piece, is Naerys fighting against the dragons or with them? Let me know what you see!

Also if was so much fun to LIVESTREAM the process of this piece!
if you dont want to miss out my future streams follow me on PICARTO!

if you'd like to see updates of what Im working on more often I'd recommend you follow my TWITTER! :icontwitterplz:

Reminder that Patreons get to chose what I draw each month and can see the step by step of what Im working on! They also get the huuuuge full resolution files which are around 10,000 px resolution!

:bulletgreen: As usual, this piece is only possible thanks to my Patreons, with special mention to    NickAtorimi &   Magarnan 

Check out my PATREONProgress shots of how this was made are available there as well as the full res file >>
The original resolution of this file is around 10,000x6,000px, and PRINTS are available in my store!…

I hope you enjoy! c:
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Skyhigh by tatiilange

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'We don't take prisoners' by tatiilange
What lies beneath by tatiilange

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Wow! She's Totally Gorgeous and love that Expression - Gorgeous Art Wow!

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...beautifully done -- love the tail design on this character. it's all in the details.

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You have some insane knowledge of how to color things. Great work!
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I think she is fighting with them. If you notice the dragons in the back are paying her no mind, even that close. Neither does she have he heard turned to keep an eye on them. If you were fighting a dragon you would certainly like to keep an eye on the slippery things!
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Amazing, it looks so real ^_^
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Wow, this is really cool! I wish I could find a better word 'cause that doesn't do it justice. :XD:
It's a very epic, dramatic scene.
Also, I think the character in the foreground is fighting alongside the dragons against some unseen enemy.
(An enemy that uses arrows, I'd guess, since there are arrows scattered across the image in such ways that they look to have been fired at (and are being fired at) the character and the dragons. :D
Anyway, seriously incredible work! :wow:
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Wonderful effort in the details!
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I love the lighting of this scene
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I have no idea what is going on but this shot is awesome!!!!! :D
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Beautifully epic! :D
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Oh, wow, this is gorgeous! The pose and the lighting are both fantastic, and I love all the little details like the rings on her tail and the blood dripping from the sword.

My interpretation is that she's fighting alongside the dragons rather than against them; looking closely at her face she seems to be looking at something out of frame to the right, which both dragons are also flying towards.
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Ur welcome! I'm a big fan!
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This is incredimazingful!
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Haha thank you!
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