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A Farewell to Winter

By tatiilange
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Commission for Rakan
Personally I love how this piece came out, its one of my new personal faves!

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A lovely piece. Everything is so affectionately crafted, from the wolf issuing its call to the mountains and trees listening to its music.

My only nitpick is the timing of this posting XD Laugh Revamp

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tatiilangeHobbyist Digital Artist

thanks! whats wrong with the timing?

RedStarryNight's avatar

Well, September 6 is a little early to say "Farewell to Winter" XD.

I know it doesn't really matter to the qualities of this piece, I just found it kinda funny to see that title and think of the date.

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tatiilangeHobbyist Digital Artist

Depends on what hemisphere you live, NA is not the entire world hahah

In any case this piece was done much earlier this year, I just have a long back log of art that I haven't uploaded here XD

RedStarryNight's avatar

Good point.

Ahhhhhhh, makes sense, XD. I should probably stand corrected, then.

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tatiilangeHobbyist Digital Artist

hahah I didnt mean to correct you, but I genuinely didnt understand what you meant about the timing at the beginning XD

RedStarryNight's avatar

No, no, that's fine.

It really is a splendid work. I'm a vampire man, but one can't love vampires without holding werewolves in some sort of esteem.

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tatiilangeHobbyist Digital Artist

hahha true c:

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A fine figure of a Garou and a thoroughly majestic background!

Lyall-Celestria's avatar

Wow, the background colors are stunning I have no words, it looks absolutely beautiful. <3

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Call of the Wild.

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Love this piece of work. Very powerful….

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JAFNOVAHobbyist Writer

Very nice. :)

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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist

Very cool!

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sims4comicsHobbyist Digital Artist

A really cool take on the werewolf myth. Thanks for sharing!

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kingdragon01Hobbyist Photographer

Wow, very good artwork. The wolf is cool looking.

Although for a second I did think it was a giant wolf.

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So beautiful!

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

:clap: !!!

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Tinselfire General Artist

Your mountains just seem to get better every time I see them.

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KovoWolfProfessional Digital Artist

This is absolutely stunning

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PhoenixCaliforniaHobbyist Artist

Lol I live in Canada. Our seasons are:


Still winter

Giving-the-dog-a-bath-every-day rain and mud

Pothole season

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EugeneTribuneNew Deviant
Great job!
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OzzymodanHobbyist General Artist

Gorgeous! c:

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GloomShroomHobbyist General Artist


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