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Meccan Shepherd - T. E. Lawrence by Tatiax Meccan Shepherd - T. E. Lawrence by Tatiax
A comic sort of thing that illustrates a funny and sad scene from Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence:
"Finally, near one o'clock, I heard it panting. The locomotive was evidently defective (all these wood-fired trains were bad), and the heavy load on the up-gradient was proving too much for its capacity. I crouched behind my bush, while it crawled slowly into view past the south cutting, and along the bank above my head towards the culvert. The first ten trucks were open trucks, crowded with troops. However, once again it was too late to choose, so when the engine was squarely over the mine I pushed down the handle of the exploder. Nothing happened. I sawed it up and down four times.

Still nothing happened; and I realized that it had gone out of order, and that I was kneeling on a naked bank, with a Turkish troop train crawling past fifty yards away. The bush, which had seemed a foot high, shrank smaller than a fig-leaf; and I felt myself the most distinct object in the country-side. Behind me was an open valley for two hundred yards to the cover where my Arabs were waiting and wondering what I was at. It was impossible to make a bolt for it, or the Turks would step off the train and finish us. If I sat still, there might be just a hope of my being ignored as a casual Bedouin.

So there I sat, counting for sheer life, while eighteen open trucks, three box-waggons, and three officers' coaches dragged by. The engine panted slower and slower, and I thought every moment that it would break down. The troops took no great notice of me, but the officers were interested, and came out to the little platforms at the ends of their carriages, pointing and staring. I waved back at them, grinning nervously, and feeling an improbable shepherd in my Meccan dress, with its twisted golden circlet about my head. Perhaps the mud-stains, the wet and their ignorance made me accepted. The end of the brake van slowly disappeared into the cutting on the north."

8D 8D 8D So here goes my Meccan Shepherd :)
And you all must watch, ofcoz, Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Teh pretteh!
gavrieel Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Bet it happened on Friday the 13th :P
Tatiax Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kind of! Well, they had a few weeks long Friday the 13th xDDD But that one was crack and drama united xDDD
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