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Dreadnought (OC) heroine

Dreadnought (c) is a young super heroine, an OC by April Daniels, a YA book writer.
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Awesome. Hard to find artwork on the series since I mostly get giant suits of armor or ships...
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I just finished both books and I fucking love them, it's like they were written for 15 year old me and I just spent the last two hours looking to see if fan art existed, Yours is the first I've found and it is beautiful.
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it looks so soft and beautiful and the heroine also look very pretty and fascinating :)
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A soft glow of reality this is here. Well examined forth founded upon. Interesting.... 
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Sounds a bit of a 'heavy' name for what seems to be a cheerful young heroine, might be because I have a supervillain with the same name though =P

You have a nice art style, the soft lighting and shading looks very good, particularly on the fabric of her costume.
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Haha, yes it is! :P

Thank you, I am glad you like her :D
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She kind of reminds me of PowerGirl
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You're right, ha! I'll take that as a compliment :P
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Wonderful she is so cute ☺️
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Very cute! She reminds me a little of Power Girl. Nice costume you gave her.
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Wonderful drawing.
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