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A few tips and tricks on how to use curves to make your images pretty.

Disclaimer: the images below are not models of perfect curves, but just rough examples of some settings i find helpful.
Also, those are not any close to all possible magic things you can do with curves. Explore ^^

Add contrast to a light Image

Lets say you have a light image with few contrast.

Light Object by tatasz

Moving down the dark tones and maybe midtones nodes of the Overall curve will add contrast to it:

Light Object Contrast by tatasz Curves Contrast by tatasz

Make a dark image brighter

We may also want to do it the other way around: make a very dark image a bit brighter.

02 Dark by tatasz

Had to go a bit crazy to lighten this up:

02 Dark + by tatasz 02 Curve by tatasz

green Lights and purple shadows

You can also use the Green curve to add contrast:

03green by tatasz

Now add some green on highlights and remove some green on shadows to make it a bit more dramatic:

03green+ by tatasz 03curve by tatasz

Blue curve for warm lights

Sometimes, you may want some "warmer" highlights.

04blue by tatasz

Use Blue curve to remove some blue out of the highlights:

04blue+ by tatasz 04blue by tatasz

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Sorry on questiona but I just start explore this beautiful software...
And I stack ar rotation image...

Alt+left mouse click is moving object
Alt+drag right click is zoom

Pleaes how rotate ??

I spend half a day.