Motion Blur Stills with Chaotica

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By tatasz
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A quick and very underused technique to create blur effects.

The principle is simple: you create a short animation and, instead of rendering it entirely, just render one frame, which will be your final artwork.

Step 1: you need some parameters to animate. I used a simple plastic with only 2 transforms.
01 by tatasz

Step 2: Open the animation editor (Ctrl+T or Window > Animation Editor). Set total length to some reasonably amount of time. I use 30-60sec currently, since its short enough to not get lost and long enough to have some room to tweak to control the blurring.
Exposure time controls the amount of motion blur. No worry much about getting the "right" value right now, since you can change it at any point.
Since we are only looking for one frame and not a full animation, there is no need to create many keyframes: 2 usually do the job. If, after making the animation, there are no frames that you like, you can just change one of the keyframes and get a whole new thing quickly. The first keyframe are the default params. For the second keyframe, just move the frame slider all way to the right.
02 by tatasz

Editor view of the default parameters.
03 by tatasz

Step 3: just grab the transforms, move them around, rotate and scale (in a way compatible with the parameters you are editing, of course).
04 by tatasz

So this is how my second keyframe (the parameters pictured above) looks like on preview.
05 by tatasz

Step 4: Go back to the Animation Editor and move the frame slider around looking for cool stuff. Change the exposure time (i went quite crazy on it this time). Basically, your blur amount depends on both exposure and the amount of changes you made in the parameters.
06 by tatasz

Step 5: Find a still you like, and render it as you would render a not animated artwork. My result is here:
Tuto Final by tatasz

Just another example: a recolored version of Paisley, with motion blur added using this technique.
Test-frm 00000dd by tatasz
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This is really cool. I've read this tutorial earlier, but tried it only today for the first time. Amazing! Thanks!
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:wave: it's been a while!
I got this to work for me (finally)
I quite like it~ Thank you! :heart:
Stufferhelix's avatar
Thank for sharing, will give it a try :hug:
tatasz's avatar
Very eager to check your results...
Its quite fun for all sort of stuff: for example =)
Stufferhelix's avatar
Stufferhelix's avatar
Didn't get a good result actually, try it again ;).
tatasz's avatar
=D=D get a good result, try it again too
deadened-glow's avatar
Gah! I still need to get the full version of Chaotica. D:
I want to do this tutorial! 
tatasz's avatar
well, the free and hd versions still allow it ^^ and if you need to render high res, just poke
deadened-glow's avatar
lyc's avatar
it works just as well in the free version :noes:

i guess this should have been mentioned in the tutorial :sherlock:
LMcentury21's avatar
Thanks for the trick !
Which version of chaotica do you use ? It's not like mine , there is audio files for example in your Animation editor that I don't have.
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:hug: welcome
This is a beta for the next release... Chose to use it because it will stay up to date longer.
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it's a hacked up version for the fractal art symposium demo
LMcentury21's avatar
Okay, thanks for the info!
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It's nice to see a program with a UI to do this, it's a major step forward for fractal artists. Technically, flam3 has an animation capability, but it always required the user to get down to the nitty gritty of writing scripts for the command line. I feel this is part of the reason that animations are nowhere near as popular as still fractals. That, and it takes forever to make an animation =)

Good going Lycium!
tatasz's avatar
:hug: well, another issue is that there are no places to upload high quality fractal anims... both youtube and vimeo totally rape the image quality =(
(its why i got a bunch of unreleased animations... pretty much no place to share).
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Already done few motion blurred pieces! :la: It's super fun :D
Opposing Sides by BoxTail  Red Square by BoxTail  
KPEKEP's avatar
А чеотика ? это отдельная программа ? или ее надо установливать с апо ? что это за пирог такой ) 
tatasz's avatar
Otdel`naya programma. V principe platnaya, no est` free versiya (s ogranicheniem na razmer).
Ya ispol`zuyu ee kak renderer (kruche chem apo po kachestvu + bol`she opciy) i dlya vsyakih melkih shtuchek, tipo dobavit`pre i post transforms, blur vsyakii... Poka chto tol`ko 2D.
Skachat`mozhno tut:…
Esli sobereshsya poprobovat`, skazhi mne, u menya ono kupleno, mogu otrenderit` esli chto.
KPEKEP's avatar
Спасибо :hug: я попробую =D мой любимый космос в ней ведь можно мутить )))
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=D smotri, budu nablyudat' i zhdat'
kosmos mutit' klassno <3
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Awesome tutorial. Tried it and it's fun :P and quite easy as well. Thanks for sharing this technique with us :)
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