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Today, we will look at Glynnsim3 transform by eralex61: GlynnSim plugin
It can be used to create works like the ones below:

Wasting Disc Space by pillemaster
Rusty by tatasz Container Contest 1 by AkuraPare

Lets see what is it all about =D

The basic shape

Lets first figure out what glynnsim3 does. We will apply it as final transform to a checkboard pattern.

Default checkboard (left), Glynnsim3 with thickness = 0.1 as final transform (middle) and Glynnsim with thickness = 0.5 (right):
Glynn01 by tatasz Glynn02 by tatasz Glynn03 by tatasz

The width of the ring is controlled by the thickness variable.

Feel free to grab the starting params for the Glynnsim3 pattern below: Glynnsim3 Starter Kit
Glynn04 by tatasz

You can see above that Glynnsim3 needs some sort of a ring battern to fill its empty areas.

Classic way

The Circular Flame Tutorial or Unpolar+GlynnSim fills Glynnsim3 by tiling a rectangle into a stripe, and then making this stripe into a ring that fills the gaps in the pattern.

Black and White Tempest by pillemaster

Make sure you take a look at this tutorial, as it is pretty awesome.

I also wrote a walkthrough to it on request, featuring step by step parameters, which you can check here: Circular Flame Walk Through

No unpolar, No tiles

But what can we do if we want to fill our Glynnsim3 with something that is not tiled?

We can use crops (left) or use spherical + eyefish (right):
Glynn05 by tatasz Glynn06 by tatasz

On the left example, I used 2 smartcrops to remove first the outer and then the inner parts of the plane, leaving just a ring.

On the right example, I used the technique described in the tutorials below to make a hole in the plane, and then added a post linked hemisphere.

Shared linked transforms - ExamplesHere we go, a collection of examples of shared linked transforms usage.
Those are not all, just some exercises and examples of what can be done using weights.
Elliptic Splits
Lets start with a basic Elliptic Splits pattern:
Tutorial - Splits ellipticBasic Elliptic Splits - starting parameters

Now, lets add a shared pre linked sphrical transform.
Add a new transform (xform 3)
Set its opacity to 0Set its color speed to 1 (optional, you need this so it does not affect the coloring)On xaos tab, set the weight of xform 3 to itself to 0On xaos tab, leave the weight from xform 1 to xform 3 as 1, and set everything else (to itself and to xform 2) to 0Repeat step 6 for xform 2At this point, your fractal should look the same as it was before you added xform 3. If yes, replace linear with spherical. Else, check previous
Filling in with bubblesLets take a look at frameworks where you have a circular hole that needs to be filled to create a pattern.

The basic idea
Here, you have a variation or a combination of variations that has a round hole, which you need to fill with something to create a round pattern:

We have basically two elements here - the framework itself and the filler. Lets take a look at some frameworks and fillers.
Plastics and Blooms
There are many tutorials on those structures (both frameworks and fillers):

And yeah, blooms are also plastics (just look at the transfor 2 of the 2D tutorial - linear + spherical) ;)

We will take a closer look at the second method in the example below.


Lets start with those base params: Glynnsim3 Starter Kit.

Do the following:
  1. Add a new transform (transform 2), and replace linear with spherical.
  2. Add a post linked transform to xform 2 (call it xform 3), and also replace linear with spherical.
  3. Add a post linked transform to xfomr 3 (xform 4), and replace linear with hemisphere.
  4. Set hemisphere amount to 1 + Glynnsim3 thickness (1.3 for the params above)
Steps 1 and 2 don't make much sense now, but will click later on.

You should have something like this:
Glynn07 by tatasz

Notice that we got a hemisphere of correct size, and now we just need to make a hole in it to avoid overlaps. Go to xform 3 (the second spherical), and add eyefish until the pattern fits exactly the Glynnsim3:

Glynn08 by tatasz

For some extra fun, replace the first spherical with julian. Julian power sets the number of times the pattern will be repeated. For example, if power is 3:
Glynn090 by tatasz

Notice the pattern is a bit squished. We can fix it by increasing the distance parameter. For example, below, I set it to 3 also:
Glynn09 by tatasz

Feel free to check my final parameters: Glynnsim3 final params

This technique is also great to fill glynnsim3 with patterns, such as abstracts or gnarls:
Rusty by tatasz Marble by tatasz

© 2016 - 2021 tatasz
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JFishburnArtworks's avatar
Does anyone know how I can fill it starting with a linear tile? 
JFishburnArtworks's avatar
New empty world by JFishburn  this is what I've got so far but meh. I used 2 more linear transforms and an unpolar.
Nis86's avatar
Filling GlynnSim3 is so very hard.

Could you help me, please? How do I get the gnarls, abstracts or any kind of patterns in the GlynnSim3?
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Thanks for sharing this! I don't use Glynnsim3 much. I like how you got the hole with eyefish. Clever. It'd be nice if there were more ways of making donuts though, without using crops.
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Thank you very much for sharing :iconappleblossomplz:
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Thankyou for doing these tutorials:) (Smile) 
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May have to brush off my Apo and give this a shot. :)  It's very nice that you share your knowledge and these techniques! 

I have one suggestion for these tutorials. That is to list the plugins needed near the beginning of the tutorial. I've many times worked on tutorials only to find I didn't have all the plugins and had to do a save, close Apo, install additional plugins and reopen, sometimes several times. Many regular Apo users may have these plugins installed because they use Apo so often. Being a casual Apo user, I don't always have the plugins because I had never used them in the past, or because I didn't know how to use them.

Edit: I see now that I have unpolar, never noticed it before as I never used it. I had to add Glynnsim3. That was just a suggestion anyway, not a big deal when only using a couple of plugins.
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Well, my fault maybe... I'm just to used to reload apo all time to add/remove plugins so kinda thought that would be normal for everybody.
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Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for this!
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thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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