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An illustrated explanation of Chaotica`s World Editor.
It also features the Apophysis equivalents (when those exist). The left column corresponds to Chaotica, while the right column is Apo.


(Chaotica)                                               Transform (Apo)
Iterator-transform- by tatasz Iterator-transform by tatasz
To add a new iterator, use the "New Iterator" button on top of the editor.
To remove an existing iterator, click on it and press Delete.


(Chaotica)                                            Variation (Apo)
Transform-variation- by tatasz Transform-variation by tatasz
To add a new transform, click on the transforms node and then use the "New Transform" button on top of the editor.
To remove an existing transform, click on it and and press Delete.

Pre and Post transforms

Pre_ and Post_transforms (Chaotica)                 Pre_ and Post_ Variations (Apo)
Pre-post- by tatasz Pre-post by tatasz
To add a pre or post transform, click on the corresponding node (above, the post_transforms node is highlighted), and add a new transform.
In Chaotica, you can use any transform as pre or post transform. You do not need to install or even create additional plugins.

By default, the pre and post transform nodes are not visible in Chaotica. To show them, click on the flam3_transform node (highlighted on the picture below) and then use the buttons in Node editor. For example, to make post_transforms node visible, click on the "Show post transforms" button.
Pre Post- Add by tatasz


Variable (Chaotica)                                               Variable (Apo)
Variables- by tatasz Variables by tatasz
To view or change the variables of a transform, just click on the transform node. In Chaotica, you can change transform type and edit its variables in the same place.

Also, you can click and drag on the uppy downy button on the right side of each field to change the values:
Clickanddrag by tatasz


Weights (Chaotica)                                               Weight/Xaos (Apo)
Weights-xaos- by tatasz Weights-xaos by tatasz
To change the base weight (weight in Apo) of an iterator, click on the Weights node.
Weights node also contains the weights to all iterators (xaos in Apo).

Affine transforms

Affine Transforms (Chaotica)                             Triangles/Transforms (Apo)
Affines-triangles- by tatasz Affines-triangles by tatasz

How to move/rotate/scale affine transforms

To move an affine transform, click on the circle (where both axes meet) and drag.
Move by tatasz

To rotate, click on the middle of one of the axes and drag.
Rotate by tatasz

To scale, click on one of the ^ angles around the affine and drag.
Scale by tatasz

To skew, click on the arrow and drag.
Skew by tatasz

In case you want to move your affines a fixed amount, or a multiple of some fixed amount, you can use the "Snap to grid" tool.

Snaptogrid by tatasz

Check "Snap to grid". Set either grid steps or grid spacing to the desired value. Then just move / skew your affines.
Grid spacing: the space between gridlines. If you want to move your affine by 0.3333333333 (or 1/3) at once, set it to 0.3333333333.
Grid steps: is the inverse of grid spacing. In the situation above, to move your affine by 1/3, its easier to set grid steps to 3 instead of setting the spacing to 0.3333333333.

Affine Transforms: numeric input

Affine Transforms (Chaotica)                             Triangles/Transforms (Apo)
Numeric- by tatasz Numeric by tatasz
Click on the affine2 node to input numeric values, such as axes angles and length, and the affine transform offset.

Post affine Transforms

Post Affine Transforms (Chaotica)                      Post Transforms (Apo)
Postaffine- by tatasz Postaffine by tatasz
Post affines are displayed in the editor in a way similar to affine transforms (but with dotted lines for axes).
They can be edited in the same way as the affine transforms.

To add a post affine transform, click on flam3 transform node and then on the "Add post affine" button.
Pre Post- Add by tatasz

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synkrotron's avatar
Hi Tatyana :-)

I am trying to follow a tutorial that has been written for Apophysis using Chaotica.

Is it safe to assume that Colour Speed in Apophysis is identical to Blend Speed in Chaotica?


tatasz's avatar
Not entirely.
The principle is same, but the values are different.
Color Speed = -1 is same as Blend Speed = 1 in chaotica
Color speed = 1 is same as Blend Speed = 0 in chaotica.
Everything else is just a linear interpolation, so color speed = 0 is blend speed = 0.5 and so on
synkrotron's avatar
Excellent, and thanks for the reply :-)
AzureCrystal397's avatar
Thank you so much, your Chaotica tutorials are great and my renders are much better now :)
Bulldoggenliebchen's avatar
i am beginner in chaotica, thanks for this
Татьяна, здравствуйте! Как мне с Вами связаться по вопросам, связанными с хаотикой? В частности - испросить разрешения публикации на нашем ресурсе? Восхищаюсь Вашими работами и уроками! Но к моему большому сожалению, они не подходят для версии 1.5.8 Странно, готовые проекты открываются, но координаты другие, отличные от уроков...
tatasz's avatar
Primerno tak i svyazat'sya =D
Bol'shaya chast' moih tutorialov / parametrov sdelana do 1.5.8 - i k sozhaleniyu mogut byt' problemy s compatibility.
Esli mozhno, ukazhite konkretnyi primer - ya razberus' chto tam slomalos' i ispravlyu =D
Татьяна, здесь ссылки не проходят почему то, мне надо наглядно Вам показать скриншоты. 
И Вы не ответили кнкретно, могу ли я конкретно этот урок разместить на другом ресурсе со ссылкой на оригинал и в переводе на русский язык.
tatasz's avatar
Mozhete konechno =D Izvinite, zabyla napisat' =D

a s ssylkami ne znayu, sbroste  mne na esli chto =D
RemusRigo's avatar
I want to scale or zoom in/out a fractal, all that I could find is Alt+RightClick+Drag but that doesn't work for me...
Can you help me out?

Thank you
RemusRigo's avatar
There was a problem with the software, I re-installed Chaotica and now it works just fine
tatasz's avatar
Well, if the keyboart shortcuts don´t work, you can just edit camera settings in the editor.
Click on camera xform, and its one of the parameters there.
JulieKrizan's avatar
So, suuuuper embarrassing question: is there a way to get Chaotica to read .gradient or .ugr files without using ChaosHelper?
tatasz's avatar
I know its late but... Well the answer is no, really, so not like you lost any important info.
The only way would be to code your own chaoshelper =D
SEwing0109's avatar
What is the advantage of rendering with Chaotica, instead of Apophysis 7X?
Ailaea's avatar
I know this was for tatasz, but I personally prefer chaotica, I find the render times are much faster than with Apophysis. I will now only use Apo on the off chance I am doing 3d. If I'm not doing 3d fractals, I will only use Chaotica. I like render engines like this one has. Where I can see the progress, and I can choose when it is done rendering. I don't want to set up a render in Apo, have it render for 4 hours only to find out when its done, it is still grainy. In chaotica, the render is done when I say, which is when I see no grain that I don't want
marthig's avatar
Most useful and clear explanations. Many many thanks :hug:
harryboy74's avatar
how do you use chaos helper to create a final transform ?
i pressed the final transform button but can't see the final transform appear in the world editor ?
DevilAnt1's avatar
Does Chaotica support final transforms? How do we create them?
tatasz's avatar
Yeah it does. Unfortunately, to create them, right now, you need to either use Chaoshelper (check the fb Chaotica group) or do a little notepad hack =(
FractalCathedral's avatar
For some reason the 'Add Final Transform' button in Chaoshelper does not work for me. It doesn't create a Final Transform in the Camera section of the Chaotica's World Editor, doesn't create a dropdown menu or anything, as I believe it is supposed to.

Also, I have Chaotica Studio v1.5.5 for Mac OSX 64-bit, (downloaded from App Store) and when I try to download the newest Chaotica_v.1.5.8 It says "You cannot get Chaotica on this computer." despite the fact that I already do.

Anyways, I've tried alot to get these final transforms, and I'm desperate to learn the "notepad hack" you mentioned. What is the process for that?

Also, thanks for all your great artwork and tutorials. You're truly a great artist and I appreciate any help you can offer! Fractals have become the main structure for my personal philosophy and worldview, and you've really helped me understand them with your tutorials and artwork perhaps more than any other person! I'm sure alot of other people feel the same way, too. Keep up the great work.
tatasz's avatar
About the purchase - please contact I am sure they can help (unfortunately i´m just a user, else would help =D)

So for now, i think you should really fix that 1.5.8 issue, because it has the camera transform editing and adding fixed and shall work properly for you.
Luis-Bello's avatar
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