Chaotica Animation Editor Basics - Part 3

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A quick introduction to the animation editor.
You may also want to check out the Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Render settings - Resolution

9 Render by tatasz

For animated gifs, try to keep the resolution low. High resolution gifs are not very user friendly, and may take a long time to load for most users.

Here are some standard resolutions for video/animations:

  • Full HD or 1080p: 1920 x 1080
  • HD or 720p: 1280 x 720
  • Lower res for eg YouTube: 960 x 540, 640 x 360

Render settings - Other settings

For both gifs and animations, the optimal settings are AA level 2 and Anti-aising mode Smooth. Those settings produce pretty nice results and are also efficient for batch rendering, with high speed and low amount of noise.

Do not use Ultra quality for gifs and animations.

Batch Rendering

First, click on the ... and select the output folder. I recommend you create a new folder for each project, since there are many frames and it may get confusing:

10 Folder by tatasz

Now, set a stopping SL. There is no universal rule, and you would need to experiment to see what value would be good for your parameters. In general, stopping SL between 8 and 10 works pretty well.

11 Stopping by tatasz

Check that your timeline is set to frame 0 since batch rendering will start from your current frame. Check both stopping SL and Batch rendering:

12 Check by tatasz

You can follow the progress of your render in the animation editor (the tick will move along the timeline as the render goes on, always positioned on the currently rendering frame.
The bottom status bar of the main window will also display a progress message, telling you which was the last saved frame.

13 Progress by tatasz

The rendered frames will be added to your output folder:

14 Outputfolder by tatasz

Transforming the frames into a gif or a video

Once your render is finished, you will have a number of still frames. To compile it into a gif or an animation, you will need to use an external software of your choice.

Two suggestions of freeware software that will do the job:
And, finally, the gif looks like this:

Gif by tatasz

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Hello guys! I hope there is someone to help me. I follow your tuto but i have an error, and i don't know why :(it's this : "Error while encoding video: MFCreateSinkWriterFromURL failed: Accès refusé.

NOTE: bitrate setting may be too low, or resolution could be invalid for videos. "

Help plz, thks for your time <3

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Is it impossible render "all .chaos files from one folder to .jpg file"
Is it impossible find script, or  .dll or plug in for this option.

Thank You
tatasz's avatar
Its twice impossible.
1. not possible to render several .chaos automatically
2. not possible to render as jpg
BetiBup33's avatar
Thank You very much.   
As .png is same good , is same good as .jpg to me,  but... if not automatically rendering  i will  definitely cry :)

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Hey there, I want to say thank you for making this tutorial for us to make chaotica animation but I would very much like to ask about the VirtualDub I downloaded and when I clicked the tutorial I followed the instruction but then It says I have to change the frame rate what does it mean? 

2- Click Video > Frame Rate, to change the frame rate (once loaded).
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Hi nice tutoriel but hwo can i save higher quality images for an animation? 'cause mine or just 1 sampled and it's not very nice ^^'
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Спасибо большое, попробую )
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=D glavnoe rezul´tat pokazhi ^^
C-JR's avatar
Я щас прикинул на калькуляторе - рабочий ноут сделает анимацию за 360 часов... 1280х720 60fps
Ну, спешить некуда ))) 2 недели чё там
tatasz's avatar
Nu taki da... Dlya etogo nuzhen desktop i7 + gpu =) Nu i poklyanchit' chaotica2 u lyc'a
C-JR's avatar
А она разве уже есть?? :o (Eek)  Видеокарта нормально прибавляет?
tatasz's avatar
Est', no poka chto eshhe ochen beta =)
Naschet video carty ne znayu, u menya c2 pochti ne rabotaet, ne znayu uzh pochemu no fakt =(
C-JR's avatar
А много весит? И она на винде хоть? ))
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Ne znayu =)
Govoryu zhe, nado lyc' a potykat' =)
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both free software things wont run :(
tatasz's avatar
hmmmm dunno =( maybe poke me in shack for more details... because they deffo should
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hmm I followed this Tut Step by Step  but  Im not able to render my Animation. I only get one single png .Maybe someone can help me please
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first of all, make sure you:
1. set an output directory
2. checked batch render checkbox
3. set a stopping SL (try setting a low value just for testing, like 1-2)
4. checked the stopping Sl checkbox
5. went to the animation editor and set the frame to 0 (the box left of the timeline... type 0 and press enter)

lemme know if it worked after you carefully followed those :hug:
MyTry's avatar
Thank you :roses:  I did it already, I have been too impatient :blank: remake 
MyTry's avatar
got it Nod  
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thank you very much :worship: another great mini-series!
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:hug: will be releasing a few more on animation... like how to create blinking stars and that linear color changing stuff =D
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