Chaotica Animation Editor Basics - Part 2

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A quick introduction to the animation editor.
You may also want to check out the Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Creating a simple animation

As an example, i will create a small animated gif.

We start setting FPS and animation time. Since we are making a gif, we will pick some low FPS value and short animation time (else it will be very huge and take time to load). Here, i used 10 FPS and 30 seconds, which means 300 frames overall.

5 Settings by tatasz

Now move a bit along the timeline.

6 Move by tatasz

Switch to the World Editor and just move/skew/rotate/scale your affines, change the transform variables, edit weights and shaders.

Editor before changes:

7before by tatasz

Editor after changes:

7 After by tatasz

On the "after" picture, you can see also the movement spline of the cyan affine transform. This allows you to visually follow the movement of affines in the editor.

Well, we just created a keyframe =D

Since this is a gif, we would like it to loop, so i advance the timeline slider to the last frame of the animation:

8 Last Frame by tatasz

And, in the editor, change everything back to how it was on the first frame. If you forget a value, you can always just go back to the first frame and check it out.

Finally, our animated gif is ready. In the next part, we will see how to actually transform it into a gif =D

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If you're taking comments two years later... you say to "change everything back to how it was in the first frame". Is there a way to copy all the settings from Frame 1 and paste it into the last frame to make a loop? It seems very possible there are too many changes in too many fields to make this practical. I tried using XML copy/paste but it resets all the animation values so you end up at frame 0 when the paste is done.

Thanks much for your tutorials, btw.