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Utilities Plugin Pack

Some minor tools. Those are handy sometimes ^^
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Virus warning here also... My Avira alert and put it in quarantine... 
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tried to download this at the library pc, gets virus detected message and won't let me download it, better check it
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Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you. These could be most handy.
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thanks for sharing your knowledge
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Virus detected in your zip! 
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shows nothing here... Maybe its because it contains dlls =)
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Curiously, I just installed a new AV today and it flagged all but one of the .dlls as a trojan. Weird, as Malwarebytes never flagged it, nor did the previous AV (which was just a different version of McAfee to this one). 
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Thank maybe it
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Thanks heart by bast4cats for all your hard work and for sharing
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Is there supposed to be a description file in there somewhere?
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Nops, but there are example parameters.
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