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Apo 7x15 and Chaotica. Yesterday, was answering C-91 about glynnsims and families of transforms that work well with each other. And then I stopped to think, we can replace bubble with like 10 different structures, for example, and Glynnsim3 is filled by tiled things put into unpolar. And then I had this insight, you don't need unpolar, and you don't need tiled things to fill glynnsim =D
Special thanks to lyc for rendering it ^^
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Pretty! It looks so metallic.
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Клева !
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This fractal blows my mind. I love the complementary blues and oranges, such a classic palette combined with that super reflective metallic look; rust, sky and shine. The awesome texture inside the rings reminds me of photographic light painting warped and woven inside this beautiful glynnsim fractal structure, like someone was crazily waving their camera around an old rusting steel yard with the shutter left open under a bright and clear blue sky. Glynnsims can do so much cool stuff - the details of the repeating yet organic circular pattern are especially pleasing, and truly demonstrates the detailed artistic-technical brilliance of insightful IFS. 
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such an awesome fractal :#1:
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