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Fucking love the colors theme !
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This is really beautiful.  Looks like a ray of light somehow lighting on the flower from some unknown source.  I don't expect you to share all your secrets, but may I ask what software you use?  
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I use a software called apophysis... There is even a tutorial on the how to make those: lindelokse.deviantart.com/art/…
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I mean really, this is just amazing.  Although I have Pseudobulbar Affect, it brought tears to my eyes.
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ahhh =D thank you very much =D
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Gorgeous! Very nice atmosphere to this.
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I'm just all in awwww's for this one the rain effect is brilliant :D
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:dummy: thanks... still not any close the the godly blooms some people make, but trying :dummy:
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You know the secret too !!
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Very well done, I've never managed a decent flower image like this in Apo yet :clap:
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aww thanks... pretty much just following `lindelokse's tuto, and using *zy0rg's post_depth plugin
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This is one of the most beautiful fractal flowers I've ever seen. I love this kind of work, so I'm afraid there's not much more I can comment aside from my personal taste, but I can surely notice that one the strong points of this piece is the confusion between water (the thin rain and the little droplets on the petals) and light. They look like they are made of the same element and create awesome games of colors.
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It's beautiful. Separate the petals give elegance.
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just some polar shhh
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lol dunno... food for sure
*chanting 4 rain like that*
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