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Portrait of the Artist with Sunflowers

By tatasz
Apo 7x15 and Chaotica
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© 2015 - 2021 tatasz
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fantastic colors
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I really love this piece ... it just popped up again in my random from favorites preview...
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O_O I don't even....... how did you do this? :XD:
Anyway, great work, and awesome effect on this piece.
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=D well mostly apophysis
^^ can explain with more details
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At first I was wondering how you got the circle effects, and was trying to figure out if you'd used isolated julians, or something. Then I read a bit more and saw the plugin. I think I'll need to try that plugin myself.
Anyway, this is a really cool piece, and great job again. ^_^
tatasz's avatar
=D thank you
and yeah, its the plugin - it makes both the holes and the circles =D
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This might sound weird but I love seeing apos that don't look like apos lol
Maybe you get what I mean... it's like taking apo to a new level I guess :)
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=D yup... FarDareisMai is a queen of apo that is not apo =D
and i just follow the bad example sometimes ;)

well, its pretty fun to poke the software into doing crazy =D
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Keep doing it, I love the results !!
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Again has an interesting use of color that really catches the eye
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really great stuff!  gotta make that my background thanks man :)
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So beautiful!
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now this is something i'd like to see animated.
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yeah actually tempting... lots of plugins though and slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow as hell, so maybe just a gif =D
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very original and superb !
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That's friggin' awesome, if, a bit creepy! Eyes, meng, eyes...
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