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APo 7x15 and Chaotica
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Aww I love it!!
King Cobra Snake Make the Human
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This is awesome!
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Awesome work! This is really cool! I don't mean to sound pushy, but could you check out my art? It would mean a lot to me. :)
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Very beautiful looking fractal artwork, the colors caught my attention so much because lf how vibrant they are and because of the contrast between blue and yellow. It also gives the impression that it's set in the ocean, which makes it have a unique feel to it :D
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leaves , soft and familiar.
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Looks like a coral reef.
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How does one even draw things as beautiful as this??
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Giant space corals. Creepy. But very well done indeed
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This has a very organic feeling to it - unique for fractals. Beautiful work!
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The color adjustments are really great!
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