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Linear Tile Tutorial

More tiles here: [link]
Please let me know what you did with this ^^

Made using this tutorial:
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link] [link] [link]
[link] [link]
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Fun with tiling.

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This is a great source of information and your passion for the subject is palpable.

Thank you!

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created this with your tutorial :)
Levels by Fi3uR
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Hey Tatasz

I tried making this into a linear tile:
but I ended up with this: and have no idea why.  I didnt get the same shape and ended up with triangles instead :/
Here is the xml: 011ksh44bl8a

If you don't mind can you check it out? Sorry haha Sweatdrop... 
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ahhh no worries =)
Looks like you got the scale wrong here...  it should be 0.3333333333 and not 0.5
This makes the pentagons overlap and look like triangles.

Maybe there is some positioning wrong too, but once you fix the scale it should be easier to check.
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Yay after changing it to 0.33333 it worked! :D Thank you :D

How do you know the scale?
I think this is why some of my attempts haven't been well. I got the positions and angle down I think. I think I just don't understand scaling.

Is it due to the area taken by one tile? If so why not 1/9 instead of 1/3?

EDIT: Never mind I just found out how xD (square root of the of [small tile area/whole tile area] :3)
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Never seen this before great...
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=D hope you have fun ^^
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I made this using your tutorial…

Thank you!
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Made this…

Mind if i incorperate part this into a workshop on basic fractaling i'm working on?  
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not at all :hug: sorry for late reply
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I've just made my first "abstract" Apo with this tutorial :la: :la: Rusty sunset by SaTaNiA
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Hi, I made this with your tutorial
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The result of my playing around with this. [link]
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