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Apo 7x15 and Chaotica
thanks to :kpekep for teaching me :dummy: some tricks
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Really impressive!

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Can you instruct more how to create the amazing animation ^^?

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A nice smooth loop! Entrancing...
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*-* its the best 59.2Mb gif i ever seen
Hey, would it be okay with you if I used this in a video? I will be sure to give you credit.
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I first thought of "Doctor Who", but then I listened to some stuff involving Neil deGrasse Tyson, so I can imagine this being used for a good science show intro (hopefully also including the "Doctor Who" theme).
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Reminds me a bit of my journeys with DiMiTri. :love: :bow: :astronaut: 
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I was just about to say the same thing haha
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haha, Niice. :love:
From full human to particles in 5 seconds flat. :faint:. lol
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pretty much lol
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Beautiful work. :love: 
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Startrek on Speed :)
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THis is hypnotic :D
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Wait a can use Chaotica in the Animation process for Apophysis? Are you SERIOUS!!?!?!????

HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!:woohoo: Now I got something MORE to look forward to whenever I get started on my Animation projects again!

By the way young Lady, this deserves my patented "Thumbz Up Award"! Oustanding work!!!!:iconthumbsupplz:

Even Felly Fel agrees, it's alladat and a Hot Wheel track!!!!!:iconhappyfellaavatar:

I assume you used either :iconmorphapoph: or :icontangent101: scripts for this project? I've always wanted to make a Animated Fractal project like this, it's so Cosmic! I like how the Stars burst from the center of it. :nod:
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well, you can take your apo parameters, paste them into chaotica and animate it in chaotica ^^
so pretty much the animation process is done in chaotica (which is handy as the apo animation scripts are just terrible and i never managed to make them work properly, and chaotica's interface, while raw, is way more intuitive).

And no, i used no scrips, i don´t think they work in 15C.
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So you can Animate in Chaotica? I've never had a chance to before so I'm not sure what Chaotica is good for or used for. I've been curious as to why people use it when you can render on Apophysis to begin with.

And you're right--they don't work in 15C or 15D. Now I have more of a reason to Animate with Chaotica. Are there any tutorials on how to use it?
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