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I will not close the door to northern blizzards

Apo 7x15 and Chaotica

Singing, yup.

And yup, another try to rob ChaosFissure
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Wow, what a beauty! It brings memories of the Hokusai waves :-)
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It's amazing...

but how did you make such a beautiful effect? :? (Confused) 





For sure some of the best art I've ever seen...

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Thank you... Basically, just added some blur to one of the xforms...
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This is awesome! Great work.
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What a storm....And somewhere in there, there's a little boat called Poseidon....
I love the energy and flow in this. Excellent work! :)
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=D thank you... experimenting a bit with blurry abstracts =D
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tsunami of clouds - love it Clap 
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Most beautiful Clap 
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Мега круто :clap:
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One of your best. Thank you.
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Oooh, this looks amazing~!!!

As a side note that I hope doesn't ruin the compliment, but this looks like that part on  One Piece where Aokiji froze the surroundings of marine ford...
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very nice job
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=D thank you very much
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lovely , depth is just right :)
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=D experimenting with blurs
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did i ever give you a link to "beesknees67"? a rather old, seemingly abandoned but very fine fractal gallery
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