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Elegent, I like it
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Geometric love really nice work
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Минимализмо =D
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is it bad if i say  i like this as much as art as a wallpaper? thanks for the contribution of this one.
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that would make a cool background :)
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Ummm... my new desktop image please!
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Oh, that's sexy.
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<3 thank you ^^
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ahhhh this is so great :)
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:hug: thank you ^^ back to having some isometric fun ^^ someday i´ll still animate some of those =D
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Hexes and Gaussian for the blurs? :)

The lighting, coloration, and detailing is magnificent in this. The geometric structure of it all is quite intriguing to think about mathematically. Nice work! :D
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Starblur (for a hexy big blur) and noise for the stars, both with crackle to make multiple blurs at once.
and thanks =D
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cool composition, I like the little starry-dots in the background too
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:D nice glow around it 
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=D thanks, trying to be more careful with effects =D
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Really beautiful Clap 
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